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Throughout the Scriptures, we read of God using His voice to bring forth—to create. The definition (according to Webster) of create is – to cause something to happen as a result of one’s actions. To bring something into being, to bring something about, to initiate, to form, to shape, to design, and to establish…


All He had to do was speak by His Spirit-wind command and God created the heavenlies, filled with galaxies and stars, the vast cosmos He wonderfully made. His voice scooped out the seas. The ocean depths He poured into vast reservoirs (Psalm 33:6 TPT).

The Creator God spoke, and at the thunderous sound of His voice, creation began. Light was birthed to beautifully illuminate the heavens, and matter came forth to form the land and the seas. By the power of His resonating voice, the void was filled with beauty. It was the sound of His voice that caused the earth to take its divine and ordered formation. It was His voice, His word spoken, that went forth to create the earth and all living things.

Even now, in ways far beyond what we can imagine, God continues to create with His words. As it was in the beginning, so it is today. Every time His voice resounds, something is created, and it’s the voice of God, the Word of God, that sustains all creation. God’s voice never fails to birth something new or bring something into being. It never fails to shape, form, and establish. It never fails to create…

It is the same with My word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it. (Isaiah 55:11 NLT)

Think of the moments when you have read Scripture or have heard it spoken, and the words seemed to suddenly ignite. The enduring Truth of Scripture has a way of coming alive to us, burning itself into our hearts, minds, and spirits…

For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires (Hebrews 4:12 NLT).

The Word of God is a weapon—a sword in our hands. It’s alive and it’s active. This is the bold, even aggressive, nature of Scripture. It’s the voice of the Eternal One, God the Creator in written form. Whether it’s being read or spoken, Scripture is alive with the creative power of God. Thereby, when we
actively partake of the Scriptures, we, in essence, breathe the voice of God into our inner man. What holds true in the natural holds true in the supernatural. This is why reading and meditating on Scripture is so vital—because it is the breath of God, the creative power of God actively filling the heart and lungs of our inner man….

Just as we can starve the body of oxygen, we can starve the inner man of its sustenance as well. Paul writes in Second Timothy 3:16, “All scripture is God-breathed....” As we breathe Scripture into our inner man, we are in essence inhaling the breath and the voice of God. And what we absorb of the voice and the Word of God, we can then exhale into the atmospheres around us. As a result, those around us are then literally exposed to the breath of God—His voice released into our atmospheres.

Therefore, when we speak Scripture into the atmosphere, we are partnering with God to create new atmospheres. Scripture holds the supernatural ability to create both within us and through us. As sons and daughters of God, our voice inherently hosts the creative power of Heaven and holds that same creative power to go forth and create new atmospheres. Therefore, it is crucial that we come into a greater realization of the weightiness of our words—and the power of what we choose to say and

There is a powerful creative permanence God will grant to our words, both written and spoken, when they are reflective of His heart and of His nature.

If we desire to expand His Kingdom here on Earth, we must intentionally use
our words as a creative expression of Heaven. We must pursue the voice of
God so that we will speak as He speaks, reflecting His heart and His nature to
the atmospheres and world around us.

Codye Reystead

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Codye Reystead
words of.jpg

Our words can hold life or death. As sons and daughters of God, our tongues (our language and words) are truly that powerful, and we must come to understand them as such.

Your words are so weighty that they have power to bring life or release death, and the talkative person will reap the consequences (Proverbs 18:21 TPT).

Think of the sheer quantity of words you read, speak, or hear on an average day. Far more than you would want to count! We are continually spoken to, and spoken over, with numerous words every day. We’ve witnessed their power, and experienced how the words of others can renew our courage and help strengthen us in our own personal journeys. Unfortunately, we’ve also encountered how the words of others can injure our hearts and even attempt to destroy our dreams.

Words have the power to release great compassion or great heartache and pain.

For better or worse, humanity is constantly communicating. Mankind operates in creativity every day by communicating with each other through words and languages. But have you ever thought of your words or your language as an expression of creativity from Heaven?

I challenge you to explore this truth: Because you are made in the image of the Creator God, who spoke all of creation into being, our voice was made to mirror His voice.

As sons and daughters of God, our words (spoken or written) are part of our creative inheritance; for that reason, our voice is a creative expression, part of His creative DNA woven within you.

The creative ability to communicate was designed and given to us by our Creator God; therefore, we have been given great favor to use our words as a creative expression of Heaven. In truth, the words we use can profoundly penetrate the hearts of those around us. And when our words are spoken in alignment with His heart, they will cause truth, hope, goodness, mercy, love, and kindness to be released. God can and will use our words to encourage and awaken those around us to their true callings, identities, and destinies in Jesus. Our words are extremely weighty, a truth that we must keep at the forefront of our minds as we communicate.

As citizens of Heaven, we especially must come to recognize and understand the creative power of our words. What we choose to speak will inevitably rise up and be released into the atmospheres around us.

Whether positive, or negative, this truth applies. Whatever we choose to focus our words on will be empowered. Our words are like water that flows inexorably into the atmospheres around us. They can either supply refreshing Living Water for others to drink from, or they can create a muddy trail for others to tread through.

We’ve all encountered the power of hatred when it is spoken into the atmosphere. It can spread quickly, and gain fierce and destructive momentum in the process. Like a prairie fire, it can rapidly consume everything and everyone with whom it comes into contact. But what if we would choose to respond by releasing the words of our Father when confronted with the flames of hatred? In the Kingdom of God, it is entirely possible to quickly extinguish those flames with His powerful words of kindness, goodness, and mercy.

When confronted with words of negativity, we as sons and daughters of God can learn to partner with Heaven to creatively speak the opposite.

When words of judgment and shame are spoken into someone’s atmosphere we can use our voice as a creative expression of Heaven to speak words of mercy and honor instead of judgment and shame, thereby shifting and creating a new atmosphere for that individual to experience.

Learning to speak with the vocabulary of Heaven is a creative process with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is a process each One of the Trinity take great joy in. We can actively engage with the heart of God, the Person of Jesus, and the exuberant joy of the Holy Spirit, when we ask the Holy Spirit what He would say and how He would say it. Then we learn to speak those things in kindness and love. It’s an amazing process, one in which God invites us into every day, as well as a lifetime journey— learning how to partner with God so that we may create goodness and life through our own words.

Codye Reystead

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Codye Reystead

God once said to me, “Comparison is like death to the creative...it has the ability to cause My creatives to disengage completely, and com- petition can smother the creative spirit within My sons and daughters.”

Sadly, when we begin to discover and explore our creativity in God, we often begin to compare our creative expressions, our creative works, with the creative expressions of others. For instance, someone who has started to explore painting as a creative expression may look at someone else’s artwork and think to themselves, I could never capture light like he can, or my paintings will never look as good as hers do.

Thoughts of comparison come in many forms—and with regard to all facets of creativity.

Someone who has just discovered his love for an instrument might hear another musician play that particular instrument and think to himself, Wow, she sounds amazing...I’ll never be able to play like that. Or someone experimenting in the kitchen may compare the meals she creates to another individual’s dish. A person dreaming of carving grand wooden furniture notices another carpenter’s creation and decides he will never be able to create anything that beautiful. Consequently, he chooses to abandon the dream all together.

Thoughts of comparison can come to any creative, no matter the medium or form of creativity. When we start to explore and use our own God-given creativity, we also often start to compare what we do or produce to other people’s works and creations.

In addition, when comparison enters our thought processes, we can become fearful, afraid that our God-given form of creative expression will never look, sound, or be as “great” as someone else’s.

In effect, these fear-led thoughts can keep us from fully discovering our creative inheritance and cause us to disengage from the creative journey with God all together.

In fact, comparing our creative expressions to those of others can open the door for competition to come creeping into our thoughts. For instance, someone who expresses themselves through writing may begin to not only compare the content of what they write, how well they write, and how much they write, but also attempt to “out-do” another writer’s expression in the process.

Competition might have its place in the natural realm, but when supernaturally creating with God, competition has no place.

When fed and focused upon, competition can easily gain momentum, quickly smothering the creative spirit. As a result, our God-led creativity devolves into metric-led productivity or obsessive perfectionism, which leads to estrangement from the nurturing, relational part of creativity with God and can ultimately lead to entirely flesh-based efforts, or sadly frustrated resignation. Thoughts of comparison and competition can be powerful, but they cannot stand against God’s truth concerning creativity.

Creativity in Jesus is inherently designed to be honored and embraced as a unique expression in and through each of us!

We must learn to refuse comparison and competition, and instead learn to value all creative expressions, whether they are of our own or another individual’s. We may not particularly be fond of someone else’s creative expression, but as the sons and daughters of God, we are still called to value the divine existence of the God-given creativity we see in others.

Your creative works, what you produce with your hands, your words, your being, are not designed to look, sound, or be like anyone else’s. God didn’t intend for them to. God has given you, His child, full permission to uniquely create in Him.

He has gifted you with very special, highly individualized, creative expressions for you to create and to enjoy with Him.

Often, while the world is in pursuit of perfection in the creative process, God is in pursuit of relationship. Creativity in God is not about achieving perfection, but instead coming into a greater partnership during the creative process—a partnership of creativity in which we as the children of God are free to simply dream, be, and create with God. It is our creative inheritance to create in partnership with God, free from the world’s ideals and expectations of perfection.

As your read these words, may you be released to create, free from the spirit of comparison and competition. May you be released from the worldly expectation of perfection and instead be propelled directly into the creative heart of God where you can simply enjoy creating with your Creator, in the beautiful partnership uniquely given to you.

So now, go, open your gift of creative expression and create with God! He is waiting!

Codye Reystead

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Worship as a Lifestyle

Codye Reystead
Blog5_5_18image (1).jpg

Worship at its core is a response. As we draw close to God in intimacy, we learn to hear and participate in the conversation of the Triune God. Ultimately, what we hear stirs up a response in us, and pouring out that response then becomes our expression of worship. 

Our most common ideas of worship involve music, and there are many beautiful acts of worship that are musical; however, not all worship involves music. Rather, worship is to come so close to the heart of God—to be so enraptured by Him—that while you might burst out in song, you might also erect a cathedral, or sculpt a masterpiece, or simply weep. 

It is essential that worship as a lifestyle be established within the heart of every creative. 

Worship edifies the inner man and so enriches the heart. When we intentionally live from a place of worship, our hearts, minds, and emotions come into alignment with the heart of God and we, in turn glean exponentially from an authentic lifestyle of encounter with our Father. 

As we live in worship, the heartbeat of God becomes clearer and more magnified. Our hearts begin to flow in beautiful cadence with His, and we are able to live in tempo with the Spirit of God instead of the pace set by the world around us. Even our countenance becomes transformed as we encounter the peace and Presence of God that flows from a practice of intentional worship. 

Worship then becomes an essential key to the treasury of creativity that lies within. 

When we position ourselves in praise and thanksgiving, it creates clarity within us to reflect the heart of God with authenticity. For the creative, awe, wonder, worship, and devotion all help to build open highways directly into the heart of God, not only for us to encounter His heart, but to then release it to everyone around us. 

At this point, we can create in the physical what the heart has encountered in the supernatural. When a worshipping heart comes into contact with the heart of God, the deposits of those encounters flow like fragrant oil, saturating our whole being in the process. Worship imbues the heart with the fragrance of Heaven and empowers our mind, body, soul, and spirit to release what we have encountered of God through our creative processes. 

We reveal what our hearts receive. We reflect what our hearts see. We create what our hearts encounter. 

Ultimately, there is a sudden collision between Heaven and Earth that occurs when a worshipper chooses a position of raw abandonment before his or her Creator. A heart laden with pure and passionate worship acts as a catalyst, creating a space in the heavenly realms for God’s creative manifestations to take place in us and through us. Worship opens the realm of Heaven to flood into the Earth’s atmosphere, inviting the Presence of God to come and do as He desires. 

True also worship builds authenticity within the creative. 

It positions our hearts in raw humility yet builds holy confidence within the inner man. Furthermore, our times of worship and adoration help to maintain our inner man. The encounters we experience through worship open up a place in our spirits to host the creative power of God and create a space for Him to come and release Himself. 

Worship is a vital bedrock God wants to establish within the heart of every creative–as is intimacy and communion. As Kingdom creatives, it is essential that we position intimacy, communion, and worship as the foundational bedrocks on which we choose to live and stand. We must also choose to live a lifestyle in which these bedrocks are applied and maintained daily. 

Only when we set these bedrocks firmly in place, will we be able to fully advance as Kingdom creatives who know how to host and release our Father’s creative power in and through everything we do. 

Codye Reystead

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Communion–Friendship and Fellowship with our Creator

Codye Reystead
Communion of the heart.jpg

The bedrock of communion can be defined as friendship and fellowship with God. At its core, communion includes an ease of conversation like that of old friends who know each other well.

To authentically reflect the heart of God through our creative works, we must come to know His heart in greater measure.

This can be done through the simple yet profound choice to daily commune with God–And because He is a good, good Father, God is always faithful to move towards a heart that is intentional to move towards His. The truth of this promise can be seen throughout Scripture.

I will show My love to those who passionately love Me! For they will search and search continually until they find Me! (Proverbs 8:17 TPT).

Through His prophet Jeremiah, God also says the following:

Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:12-13 NASB).

These Scriptures are just a few of many that resonate with the beautiful melody of communion given to those who wholeheartedly seek the heart of God. From the moment He formed Adam from the dust, the eternal desire for communion with mankind resounded within the heart of God. Thus, when we set our hearts to move towards the heart of our Creator, He in turn is faithful to reveal more and more of His heart to us in the process.

God always desires communion with us, but at the same time, we must choose to seek the company of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as we would a close and treasured friend. Then we must be purposeful to continually seek Their company. In response, God chooses to share the revelations of His heart with those who choose to deeply commune with Him - those He knows He can trust like a well-known friend.

Then Moses said to Him, If Your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here(Exodus 33:15 NIV).

Inside the Tent of Meeting, the Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend... (Exodus 33:11 NLT).

Moses sought the Presence of God, and once he had experienced such deep fellowship and communion with God, he refused to move on without it. Moses lived with intention; he made it his purpose to be in the Presence of God and to know the Presence of God. Particularly, he spent purposeful time in the Tent of Meeting, daily exposing Himself to God’s Presence—and God responded by speaking to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.

Moses knew the heart of God because he communed with God. Interestingly, Moses lived well before the infilling of the Holy Spirit, as recorded in the Book of Acts (see Acts 1:8; 2:1-4 NLT). Rather, Moses lived in a time when the Spirit of God simply rested upon chosen individuals. But today, as blood-bought sons and daughters of God, who have the Holy Spirit living within us, it is our inheritance to not only know the heart of God and commune in His Presence as Moses did, but also to hear and actively participate in the conversations between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

It is our communion—our conversations with God—that become the heartbeat of our creative process.

This deeper communion with our Creator champions our hearts, strengthening us to continue in the creative voyage, emboldening us to live a creative lifestyle in Jesus. “In essence, it’s our communion with God that will serve to resource our hearts with unwavering encouragement, unlimited inspiration, and supernatural creative wisdom…

Stay tuned for more next week as we take a closer look at the third bedrock of Kingdom creativity; “Worship–A Response of the Heart”

Codye Reystead

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INTIMACY - The Heartbeat of Creativity

Codye Reystead

Intimacy is our determined intention to draw close to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—learning to abide in God. It is a keen awareness, knowledge, and sensitivity to the heart of God. It is learning first how to draw close to His Presence and then practicing a lifestyle of remaining close.

Drawing close to the heart of God and intimately knowing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is not only entirely possible, but also part of our inheritance in Jesus. It is in the heart of God, as a good, good Father, for His sons and daughters to yearn for His Presence. He has and always will desire for His children to draw near to Him—to intimately know His heart and to dwell in His Presence.

Intimacy is relational at its core, meaning that any intimate relationship requires focused intentionality to maintain.

As His creative sons and daughters, we must be purposeful to maintain our intimacy with God. In like manner, if we are going to reflect His heart, we must first draw near and remain close to His heart.

Think of a mirror. In essence, a mirror intimately knows whatever it is placed closest to. It serves as a reflection or a mirror image of whatever it is placed by. If it’s a high-quality mirror, it will reflect its subject with great brilliance and accuracy. On the other hand, if the mirror is unkept, dusty, or neglected, it will misrepresent or distort the image of its subject. An unkept mirror simply can’t host an authentic reflection. In like manner, what is true in the natural is true in the supernatural. Your heart is as a mirror, capable of reflecting the heart of God when it is maintained and positioned close to the heart of God.

As creatives, in order to reflect the heart of God with authenticity, we must intentionally keep our hearts positioned next to His. This intentional lifestyle of intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is powerful, often serving as the first step and propelling us into our creative journeys with God.

The foundation, the very essence of a Kingdom-creative lifestyle is intimacy with God.

As we establish that intimacy, our God-driven creativity softens the soil of our hearts, cultivating seeds of an even deeper intimacy with God. Those seeds of intimacy then flourish and nourish our creativity, causing it to prosper as well. Creativity and intimacy are beautifully interwoven, acting as catalysts of increase to one another. In the Kingdom, both intimacy and creativity form a continuous cycle, each benefiting the other and drawing us deeper into the heart of God.

Once intimacy is firmly established, the desire to be in His Presence becomes like air for our spirits and is an essential need for the survival of our inner man. We yearn for God just as the physical body desires oxygen. For the Kingdom creative, intimacy with God becomes super- natural nourishment—manna for the journey; and without it, our inner man will perish.

Jesus [said], “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to Me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty (John 6:35 NLT).

Jesus answered, “If you drink from Jacob’s well you’ll be thirsty again and again, but if anyone drinks the living water I give them they will never thirst again and will be forever satisfied! For when you drink the water I give you it becomes a gushing fountain of the Holy Spirit, springing up and flooding you with endless life!” (John 4:13-14 TPT).

Jesus still desires to be our holy sustenance. He desires to be our life, our breath–our everything. And it is our intimacy with Jesus that will serve as our anchor–sustaining us in our creative callings and destinies. When we intentionally position our hearts closer to the Father’s through intimacy with Jesus, we are in essence shoring up our inner man for all that lies ahead. What’s more, God is ever-faithful to draw nearer to those who engage in the creative journey with Him!

Up next week; “Communion-Friendship and Fellowship with our Creator”

Codye Reystead

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Codye Reystead

Creativity in its truest nature is deeply relational. It is relational because God is relational.

God takes great pleasure in knowing and being known. Whenever we choose to engage in the creative process, it yields relationship. It cultivates a deeper sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, a greater knowing of the heart of God, and a keener awareness of the Presence of Jesus.

In the Kingdom, creativity is yoked to relationship—the more we know of the heart of God, the more we can create from the heart of God.

In essence, we can only reflect that which we have encountered—that which we have related to. Therefore, in order to host and release the creative power of God in its fullness, we must first encounter it through relationship, that is, through intimacy, communion, and worship. When these relational bedrocks come together within the heart of the creative, forming a spiritual plumb-line, Kingdom creativity then becomes our way of life—a Holy Spirit-led and -fed lifestyle of becoming creative in God, with God, through God, and for God.

As we learn to practice intimacy, communion, and worship, we can then relationally engage with God to create what is in His heart for us to bring forth.

Choosing to live a lifestyle of intimacy, communion, and worship, opens up realms of encounter within the Father’s heart, both personally and for those around us. We become so enveloped in the atmosphere of Heaven that we provide a key of encounter for others as well. In other words, what we encounter of the heart of God we can then share with those around us–bringing more of Heaven to Earth in the process!

Over the next three weeks we will be posting more about the three relational bedrocks of Kingdom creativity. Up next week; “Intimacy–The Heartbeat of Creativity.”

Stay tuned for more!

Codye Reystead

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Codye Reystead


Many times our first impulse is to view the creative journey and its process from the surface–And from this limited perspective it can look quite messy and even chaotic.” However, when we choose to go on a creative journey with the Creator of the universe we can rest assure He has divinely ordered every step. Therefore, if we yield to God’s leading for our journey, we will find ourselves more in love with our Father, more in tune with the Holy Spirit, and more like our Savior.


God-driven creativity is a path by which we encounter the heart of God.

Just as worship, prayer, thanksgiving, and meditation lead us to experience more of the fullness of His nature, so too does creativity. As we engage in the creative process and learn to create with God, our creativity in God then becomes a key to ongoing transformation and encounter—a key to countless realms within the Father’s heart.

Furthermore, creating with God offers a perpetual invitation to know and participate in the abiding fellowship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As Kingdom creatives, we can experience Their joy as They create in us, with us, and then through us. As we encounter Their fellowship, we learn to join in Their abiding communion and Their intimate conversation and then partner with Them to create from that sweet place of fellowship.

The creative process then becomes a holy invitation of fellowship at a deep and transformational level within the heart of the creative.

By accepting this deeper invitation of encounter, we learn to yield our whole being to our Creator God. We learn to make ourselves completely available and vulnerable to His creative nature in all ways. We surrender our hearts, time, energy, agendas, and even our physical bodies in order to create with God in all things and through all things. We yield ourselves to God and His creative process both in us and through us.

This level of fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is part of our inheritance in Jesus. And this depth of encounter with the heart of God is fully possible for all of us, and especially for you, as His creative son or daughter.

Fellowship with God during the creative journey also builds conversational pathways for the revelatory rhythms of the Father’s heart to freely flow. In other words, in the heart of God, creativity and revelation abide in beautiful rhythm and perfect cadence, each flowing in accord with the other. As we then explore these hidden treasures of revelation, we are inspired to create yet again.

It’s a supernatural cycle—creating with God leads to revelation, and revelation in turn fuels holy inspiration—a necessary component in the creative process with God.

The creative journey with God teaches us, through revelation, to see and think differently. It teaches us to see as God sees. We begin to live with Heaven’s perspective - seeing our- selves, our lives, and others as God does, from Heaven to Earth. Also, we begin to view our journeys with God from a completely different point of view because we are now experiencing Him as the joy-filled Creator: a Creator with Whom all things are possible, and a Creator God who wants us to encounter His pleasure over us throughout the entire process - not just when we arrive to the destination.

For this reason, our God-driven creativity becomes a place of powerful humility and beautiful vulnerability-a place of direct engagement with the heart of God where our hearts become transformed to live and create from the sacred space of ultimate surrender and endless encounter. This depth of encounter with the heart of God is fully possible for all of us as His creative sons and daughters.

Ultimately, creativity in God attracts the Presence of God thereby causing heaven to powerfully invade our hearts, lives, and the very atmospheres we live in.

Codye Reystead

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Codye Reystead

The creative journey with God is far richer than simply following a determined route to a final destination. It is a broad landscape, lush with its own beauty, challenging paths, and scenic opportunities. We might enter the creative process one-dimensionally—in pursuit of a task-driven outcome. However, God looks at the process multidimensional—as a relational journey abundant with personal encounters and experiences.

Creativity in God is an extraordinary and wondrous journey—an expedition of exploration within the very heart of God.

The world usually defines the worth of a process by the perceived value of its outcome. However, God values process over outcome, the journey over the destination. It’s during the process of the creative journey with God that we discover He is cultivating far more in us than we realize, and we become transformed in the process, regardless of the destination. Therefore, the outcome becomes more about the transformational process we experience, rather than the final destination.

From the onset of the creative process, God sees not only the final product, but also the multidimensional works He is establishing in the heart of His child along the way.

Remember, God is always more concerned with the position of our hearts than with the results of our efforts. He is more concerned with forming, shaping, and transforming the heart of His creative son or daughter than with what His creative child “produces” at the end of the process.

God sees process as an adventure. Yet most of us, when considering a new creative venture, are ready to “jump on the next plane” in order to get there as soon as possible. God, on the other hand, is planning an extended road trip-an epic journey with Him. Moreover, He’s joyfully committed to sharing the journey with us and fostering a deeper relationship as we travel together through wondrous landscapes, and unexpected scenic routes. As our loving Father, God desires to process life with us-fully present and fully engaged in every moment of our lives.  Incidentally, while we are busy creating with Him, He is busy creating in us.

It is in the process—the journey—that God delights-ultimately, God loves creating His creatives!

Codye Reystead

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Codye Reystead

How do we move from believing we carry His creativity to knowing and unearthing our God-given creativity?

discovering your.jpg

How do we discover the creative treasures God has placed within us? And then how do we go about exploring our creative inheritance in Jesus? An exploring that usually involves adventuring out of our comfort zones, becoming a little uncomfortable in order to try something new with God.

Think for a moment about the explorers of old. In order to discover and explore new territory, these adventurous souls first had to believe something was there to discover. Then they had to engage their belief by acquiring some sort of sailing vessel and actually mustering up the courage to set sail on uncharted waters toward unknown destinations. Their belief was what led them to leave the shores. If these explorers had chosen to remain in unbelief, many new lands and territories would never have been discovered. If we are to discover our creative inheritance in Jesus, we can no longer harbor unbelief regarding its existence.

 For Kingdom creatives’, the process of discovering and exploring our creative inheritance is much like setting sail into the unknown. To first discover the creative expressions God has placed within us, we must start by choosing to believe they exist. We choose to declare God’s truth over ourselves. We choose to keep our eyes open for times, even the most unlikely moments, when our creativity may reveal itself. We choose to look for opportunities for creative expression. Then, our belief moves us into the place of “holy knowing”—moving from mental ascent to a convinced heart. At this point, when our whole being is convinced of the creativity we carry, we can then begin to unearth and explore our God-given creative treasures.

 God’s creativity and a creative inheritance in Jesus is given to us all.

So, with a simple agreement, a resounding yes and amen, stop and tell the Father, “I am creative! I know I have God- given creativity within me just waiting to be discovered, and I want to go on a journey with You, God, to explore the creative inheritance You have destined for me!”

The process of discovering and then exploring our creative inheritance involves a willingness to leave behind the familiar in favor of the unknown. It also involves a willingness to search for something we cannot see, but still believe is there. As a result, when we are willing to search for the creative treasures God has placed within us, He will be faithful to reveal them. Unearthing our God-given creative treasures is the Father’s desire for all His sons and daughters.

Indeed, God loves to see His children search out the creativity He has placed within them, and He deeply desires to reveal the various creative expressions He has woven within you. God delights in the process of discovery and exploration, one in which you can engage with Him and explore with Him. Thereby developing a greater understanding of your own creative inheritance in Jesus.

Dare to dream with God!

Exploration is where you get to dream with God and use the holy gift of your imagination. This is where your God-given gift of imagination becomes active. Although you may not yet know what your creative expressions are, you begin to look, to explore, and to dream with God in order to find out what they may be. This is where your belief in your God-given creative expressions manifests into action, and you dare to dream with God and try something new!

Ultimately while on the quest to unearth your creative inheritance, you have a holy invitation to engage in amazing conversations with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Knowing and exploring your creative inheritance in Jesus is not something God wants to withhold from you as His son or daughter. Rather, creativity is a gift from God, and He wants you to open it. It is in His good pleasure to reveal to His children the creative treasures He has given to each of us.

I encourage you to leave the shores and dream with God.

Dare to tell Him what you would like to do, what you would like to create (in whatever form or media), and then do it! God will be delighted as you engage in the process of awakening the creative treasures He has placed within you!


Codye Reystead

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Codye Reystead
the endless expressions of.jpg

The creativity God has placed within us has the capacity for infinite expressions. The creative treasures woven within can reveal themselves through what we do, what we say, what we write, what we sing, what we paint, and a countless number of other things. Within each of us exists an infinite and holy spectrum of creativity because we have been made in the image of our Creator.

For a moment, imagine Jesus as the Master Carpenter, working to build a ship. As He works, His passion for detail shines through the intensity of His eyes and His face radiates with joy as His beloved creation begins taking shape. Then with great purpose and intentionality, He carefully carves and sands every plank before laying it into place.

Great skill and delight flow as one as the Master Carpenter shapes the wood just as He has envisioned. Thoughtfully, He begins to carve highly ornate yet numerous designs deep within the hull of the ship. Though the carvings are almost hidden, they impart a rich uniqueness, and distinct beauty–a truly unparalleled identity to the ship. And all the while, the Master Carpenter takes His time, not at all overwhelmed by the process of shaping and carving. Instead, He delights in the process, knowing the extraordinary plans He has for the ship. Then, sitting back on His heels, He pauses to appreciate the beauty of His creation.

Now imagine you are this ship, and Jesus has been building you. Imagine the things the Master Carpenter has carved into your hull. They are His creative expressions within you. They are His marks of creativity He has left for you to discover. Then imagine exploring the many carvings within your hull. Perhaps there are carvings of musical notes from a melody you and He will write one day. Perhaps there are images that you and He will partner to paint, or the carvings of words you and He will pen. Perhaps there are the blueprints of buildings, the plans for an invention, or an outline for an innovative idea, which you and He will create to bless and further His Kingdom. As sons and daughters of God, we have countless, untold creative expressions residing within us, just waiting for our discovery and exploration.

Similarly, we come across this same truth through the vast variety of creative expressions we encounter in the world. Think about a skilled musician releasing a beautiful sound through his or her instrument. Now, think about that sound being released into the atmosphere as a song laden with heartfelt worship unto the Lord. As that musician chooses to release his sound of worship, he opens up a space for others to encounter God even as he is encountering Him. His heartfelt worship opens other hearts to feel the Presence of God. While any musician can make a sound, the worshipper opens up a space for the sound of Heaven (worship) to invade the natural atmosphere, allowing others to engage with the heart of God.

Now imagine an artist who decides to paint the imagery she has encountered during her intimate times with God. Imagine these images from Heaven emerging on a canvas for others to behold. These images, birthed in intimacy with God, then open doorways for others to see into the heavenly realms as they have never seen before. The light, colors, and textures, which the artist applies, become the manifest reflections of an unseen realm—the many strokes revealing beautiful, unseen mysteries of the Father’s heart.

These traditionally “artsy” examples are just the beginning—the “tip of the iceberg.” Creativity in God has endless forms and expressions. Consider a landscaper who decides to create a scenic space where others can engage with the beauty of God’s creation. Or an architect who works to design a building that is aesthetically pleasing yet extremely efficient. What about a business leader who is constantly thinking of ways to create new jobs and improve the lives of others in the process? Or maybe an event coordinator whose creative expressions leads him to create and design some of the most memorable moments in people’s lives!

There is the neighbor who loves to garden on the weekend, or the parent who enjoys cooking meals for his or her kids. Yes, even a simple meal can become an expression of creativity in God—and you don’t have to be a culinary master either! Partnering with God, asking Him what you can prepare to personally bless someone else, is a creative expression! In the Kingdom, cooking someone his or her favorite dessert can lead them, even though you may do so unknowingly, to encounter the God who intimately knows and loves them!

The creative expressions God has placed within us have the ability and favor of Heaven to influence and impact any environment or occupation. Everything we do can become an expression of God’s creativity within us and be used to bless and further His Kingdom on Earth. Our God-driven creativity has the ability to touch everyone around us and to go into a multitude of environments. Creativity in God blesses people. It brings the beauty and nature of God into their atmosphere, thereby creating ways for others to encounter the heart of God.

In addition, every creative expression in God also holds the capacity to become a key of access, for others, into the Presence of God—a holy port of entry into the very nature and heart of our Creator. I have witnessed individuals taste of the Presence of Jesus for the first time as they absorbed a simple lyric sung into their atmosphere. I have watched as God has touched hearts with raw encounters of His relentless love through strokes laid upon a canvas. I have seen tears of sweet moments with Jesus freely flow because another chose to dance in adoration before the King of kings. And I have seen sheer delight come into the eyes of those tasting a simple meal, personalized for them by their Creator God.

In a moment, they suddenly realized that they hadn’t been forgotten but are truly loved and known by their Creator. Creativity in God makes a difference, it holds the power to absolutely and positively impact everyone and everything around us with the heart of our good, good Father, our Creator.

The Master Carpenter’s favor rests upon His creativity “carved” within us, and it’s His good pleasure for us to not only discover it, but to explore and release it here on Earth!


Codye Reystead

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Codye Reystead

Creativity carries with it an inherent mystery which gets lost when we try to define it in natural terms. It was birthed in the heavens, from God, through God. It was birthed. It was formed. How then can creativity ever be authentically de ned in the natural realm? Yet this is where we so often try to define it, boxing it up within our own tidy, earth-bound ideas. But the mystery of creativity cannot be contained. It is not an earthly concept; it’s a heavenly one. Creativity in its truest nature is not of this world.

For the Son created everything, both in the heavenly realm and on the earth, all that is seen and all that is unseen. Every seat of power, realm of government, principality, and authority-it was all created by Him and for His purpose! (Colossians 1:16 TPT).

The true essence of creativity exists in the super-natural realm. In effect, the creativity of God permeating man is a supernatural mystery; however, man is often unmistakably challenged by that which is unfamiliar or undeniable. Thus, the mystery of creativity is frequently removed in favor of a more earth-bound definition or meaning.

In order to claim our creative inheritance as sons and daughters of God, we must be willing to look beyond the man-made definition of creativity. We must look at creativity through a broader lens—from Heaven to Earth and ask the questions: How does our Father define creativity? What does creativity look like to God and with God? Can it be limited in its expressions when He is the limitless God? I don’t think so. God is far too creative for that! From Heaven’s perspective, creativity hosts a far broader spectrum than we are taught to recognize and possesses a definition that far exceeds our understanding.

In the world, we are taught to recognize “artsy” or “artistic” as equivalent to “creative.” This definition of creativity holds truth, but in a very narrow and limited way. Confining creativity to the simplified, worldly definition of someone being “artsy” or “artistic” does not reflect the truest nature of creativity in the Kingdom. Yes, artists are indeed creative as artists. However, creativity in this form is only one color among the endless spectrum of creative expressions, which exist in the sons and daughters of God. Being “artsy” or “artistic” is but one facet of God’s multifaceted gem of creativity.

When our God-given creativity is defined with an earthly mindset, that mindset then serves to limit the numerous possibilities of where God is able to take us as His creatives. Instead, we get to live in this brilliant Kingdom truth: He is the limitless God and Creator; therefore, true creativity in God has no limits. The many facets He may choose to express His creativity, both in us and through us, are endless. God’s creativity dwell- ing within His sons and daughters simply cannot be limited in its expression. By its very nature it is multifaceted, multidirectional, and multidimensional. It is God’s creative nature, His creative power residing within us.

However, even if we are aware of a limitless God and Creator, we must also allow the Spirit of God to come and expand our thinking to include more and more of the multidimensional facets of our own creative inheritance in Jesus. We must allow God to come and paint a broader panoramic view of creativity in the Kingdom—a view that includes our individual creative inheritance and all the endless possibilities and expressions it may have. Dare to believe that you, as a child of God, have a creative inheritance in Jesus. Even if you have yet to identify what that inheritance looks like, dare to believe it is there.


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A Call to Cadence

Codye ReysteadComment

During my prayer time yesterday, God began to show me a huge group of mature soldiers, gathering on a massive battlefield. The soldiers appeared to be coming from every direction. Though they were arriving fit and battle-ready, there was a lot of noise, distraction, even chaos as they tried to gather and fall into formation.In the Spirit, I began to hear a deep rhythmic sound resonating. As I watched some of the soldiers quickened to the sound. It became obvious is was familiar to them as they chose to dismiss the noise around them and climb to where they could hear the resonating sound with greater ease.

i'm calling my lovers to the frontlines.jpg

As the soldiers began to climb the hills around the battlefield, the resonating sound intensified. I watched as their breastplates began to glow, much like metal that had been recently held in a fiery furnace. When I asked Holy Spirit what the glowing meant: “It’s their hearts burning–burning with great intensity. Within their hearts they carry the flames of deeper intimacy. What you see are My burning ones. I have been preparing many in the Throne Room of Intimacy, and now they are coming to the forefront. They are My Johns whose hearts burn for Mine…My Johns whose hearts burn with Mine

I was moved. For it was the stance, the position, of their hearts that caused their breastplates to glow. It was evident these soldiers knew, loved, and communed with the heart of their Creator–for their whole being seemed to glow from within. It was if they wore their intimacy with Jesus as the armor upon their chests. And this deeper intimacy had ignited their armor to become breastplates of righteousness. The greater intimacy they had experienced caused their hearts to mirror the glorious, illuminated, heart of their Beloved Messiah’s–thus they seemed to glow with His Glory upon them. They were coming forward, dressed in His Holiness...dressed with their breastplates of righteousness.  I was immediately drawn to the verses in Ephesians. (The Passion Translation)     

Ephesians 6:10 &14 …Be supernaturally infused with strength through your life-union with the Lord Jesus. Stand victorious with the force of his explosive power flowing in and through youPut on holiness as the protective armor that covers your heart…


Those who have been intentional to "keep their hearts tuned to the heart of God" are now going to become the voices that set the cadence for a new multidimensional move of God to take place.

I felt the Lord say, "I have prepared My beloved Johns and now I Am bringing them forth– For they have made intimacy with Me their greatest focus. They have laid their heads to My Chest and made it their purposeful intention to commune with Me–to know My Heart, to know My Presence and to know it deeply. 

Now I Am bringing them forth, for they carry the cadence of sweet communion with Me. They carry the cadence of Heaven. Be watchful where I position My Johns, My beloved lovers. Watch as I position My lovers on the high places (even the high places of culture and society) to announce the sound of My Heart to the nations. They will say to mankind, "Do you hear the sound? Listen closely…dare to slow down and dare to listen…Yes, do you hear it? It’s the heartbeat of your Creator! Its the sound of Truth and Love spilling into the nations! Again, do you hear it? Be encouraged all you people, for when you hear it, everything changes! Everything is made new! Everything is brought whole! Its the sound of Redemption soon to flood the land!


Then the Holy Spirit took me back to the battlefield vision and I watched again the scene from before. As the Johns continued to climb the sound continued to intensify. Then the army below began to pay attention to the sound. And the Lord said, “I Am positioning My Johns to declare Holy Cadence over MY BRIDE! To say to the sons and daughters of God, “We must stay in step…we must move as our God moves, we must set our feet to move in cadence with the Lord’s! We must dance in timing with the Bridegroom…”

The Johns of this generation are coming to the forward to announce to the Bride, “Do you hear the cadence? Follow the cadence! Follow the heartbeat of the Beloved Bridegroom. For it is the sound of His holy cadence that will lead us forward….come into step…come into formation…its time to move as ONE…” 

God is desiring for His sons and daughters to “fine tune their intimacy with their Creator” so they can come together–And come into cadence with the sound and rhythm of Heaven. All of Heaven is waiting…waiting for the sons and daughters of God to come into holy cadence with the heartbeat of their Creator… 


As the sons and daughters of God “fine tune their intimacy with their Creator” and set the rhythm of their hearts and lives to His, holy cadence will produce fresh oneness to the Bride of Christ. Strategies from Heaven will suddenly begin to pour forth, like fresh rain upon dry and thirsty land. Blueprints, directly from the Throne Room of Heaven, will begin to be downloaded to the people of God–blueprints that will reveal details of the future move of God, that is now beginning to take shape. And blueprints that will reveal how the Body must navigate ahead… 


Be prepared to do new things and be prepared to do the same thing, but in new ways! New ways, new avenues will be opening up for the people of God to multiply their work, His work. People of God get ready for God to multiply your work and multiply it into greater fruitfulness for the expansion of His Kingdom. This new work and these new ways will come with great grace, ease, and efficiency because the hand of God will be upon them. Creative ideas are going to begin to explode in the night hours. Waves of God-driven creativity will be on the rise as new markets are developed to further the Kingdom of God and speak to the hearts of all mankind. 

I WILL BE DANCING YOU THROUGH THE NEXT TEN DAYS -“In My holy timing, I will be dancing you through and into the new I have planned for you. Stand with great expectancy My sons and daughters! For in the next ten days I will be dancing you through doorways in the supernatural that are open for a short time and season…My timing is essential in these days. Be willing to refocus, realign, and get in-step with Me before moving forward…”

By: Codye Reystead

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We are Called to Create

Codye ReysteadComment
So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them (ESV). 

Genesis 1:27 is the firm foundation on which creativity has been established. With this in mind, if the Creator, who created mankind, has created you in His own image, what does that make you? It makes you a creator

God is the Author of all. He creates life. He gives life. He breathes life. This is the incredible nature of our loving Creator God, who with great joy and precision created you in your mother’s womb. 

You formed my innermost being, shaping my delicate inside and my intricate outside, and wove them all together in my mother’s womb. I thank You God, for making me so mysteriously complex! Everything you do is marvelously breathtaking! It simply amazes me to think about it! How thoroughly you know me, Lord! You even shaped every bone in my body, when You created me in the secret place, carefully, skillfully shaping me from nothing to something! You saw who You created me to be, before I became me! Before Id’ ever seen the light of day, the number of days You planned for me, were all recorded in Your book. (Psalm 139:13-18 TPT) 

You are a living expression of His marvelous and wonderfully complex creative workmanship. You have been intentionally created by the Master Artist. Therefore, because you were made with such great intention, you have destiny and favor written upon your life. 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11 NLT). 

You are destined for destiny. It doesn’t matter the conditions that may have existed when you came into this world. It doesn’t matter why your parents came together or whether they are still together. What matters is God etched plan and purpose in your innermost being. It’s no accident you are on this Earth. You were created with a spiritual destiny to discover and then explore; and most certainly, a creative destiny has been written into your DNA. 

As His creations, we have been designed to bear the image of our Creator God, therefore, mankind is designed to be creative. We have been made to be visionaries with God-given imaginations, remarkably created to be a living expression of God’s creativity released on Earth. Furthermore, each one of us has been designed by the Creator of the universe to be innovative and unique—to live an inspiring story and take remarkable journeys with our Creator. We have been created to be creative

Each of us carries the creative DNA of our Maker. Even if you have no idea what His creativity within you may look like, or how it is to be expressed, it is undoubtedly, irrevocably there. The joyful journey of this life is actually a process of discovering the unique creativity God has placed in you.

Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as creative, God says, “It’s there. I wove it into your very DNA...you were made in the image of your Creator.” 

I have often heard people say, “I’m not ‘artsy’...“I’m not creative”...“I can’t paint”...“I can’t sing”...“I can’t dance.” The list goes on and on. “Artsy” is a worldly term that is often considered synonymous with “creative.” This book exists because the Father wants to redefine creativity and restore it to its original position and purpose. In God, being creative is for everyone, and in everyone. 

In fact, if we truly believe the written Word, specifically Genesis 1:27, we are not at liberty to say we are not creative. As children of God, we carry the creative DNA of our Father. Whether you have discovered your personal creative expressions or not, they are there because you have been made in the image of God. Your DNA holds the creative DNA of your heavenly Father. 

God’s creative power cannot be contained. His creativity is limitless in its expressions. Therefore, as the children of God, we are destined to be unique and innovative. Even our physical bodies are constantly creating—our cells continually make new cells to replace the old. New thoughts are even now creating new ideas in your brain. As a matter of fact, God designed mankind to create even as we sleep! 

It is also important to realize that God creates originals only—never a carbon copy. He created you to be unique. As He knit you together in your mother’s womb, He wove into your DNA one-of-a- kind creative expressions for you alone. Your creative expressions are unlike those of anyone else on Earth. 

You are a much loved child of God. You are a prized masterpiece in the Almighty’s gallery. Heaven declares you are made in the image of your Creator; therefore, you are a carrier of the creative DNA of your heavenly Father.

You have been “fearfully and wonderfully made” (see Ps. 139:14 NIV) and meticulously crafted to bear specific creative treasures gifted to you by your Maker. You have been made to radiate with His creativity simply by being who He created you to be—a unique and irreplaceable reflection of Himself. Not to mention, the creativity He has placed within you brings Him great joy and delight. Your unique expressions of creativity—both discovered and undiscovered—were designed in His good pleasure. Therefore, it is in God’s good pleasure for you to create—to think creatively, to live creatively, to speak creatively—for creativity to become your lifestyle. Even more wondrous is knowing that we have not only been given the permission, but also great favor, to be innovative, imaginative, visionary, and inspiring. 

In these days, the heart of God is resonating deeply to awaken the creativity He has placed at the core of His beloved creation. Because God- driven creativity has the capacity to unlock doors of encounter for others to walk through in the heavenly realms, God yearns to not only restore creativity to its right and powerful position in Jesus but also for His children to learn how to both host and release. His creative power here on Earth. Thus, the creativity within us carries a divine potential to change the world we live in. 

Imagine what could happen, if we truly began to live our lives believing and knowing that each of us has been lovingly signed by the Master Craftsman. 

Codye Reystead