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The creativity God has placed within us has the capacity for infinite expressions. The creative treasures woven within can reveal themselves through what we do, what we say, what we write, what we sing, what we paint, and a countless number of other things. Within each of us exists an infinite and holy spectrum of creativity because we have been made in the image of our Creator.

For a moment, imagine Jesus as the Master Carpenter, working to build a ship. As He works, His passion for detail shines through the intensity of His eyes and His face radiates with joy as His beloved creation begins taking shape. Then with great purpose and intentionality, He carefully carves and sands every plank before laying it into place.

Great skill and delight flow as one as the Master Carpenter shapes the wood just as He has envisioned. Thoughtfully, He begins to carve highly ornate yet numerous designs deep within the hull of the ship. Though the carvings are almost hidden, they impart a rich uniqueness, and distinct beauty–a truly unparalleled identity to the ship. And all the while, the Master Carpenter takes His time, not at all overwhelmed by the process of shaping and carving. Instead, He delights in the process, knowing the extraordinary plans He has for the ship. Then, sitting back on His heels, He pauses to appreciate the beauty of His creation.

Now imagine you are this ship, and Jesus has been building you. Imagine the things the Master Carpenter has carved into your hull. They are His creative expressions within you. They are His marks of creativity He has left for you to discover. Then imagine exploring the many carvings within your hull. Perhaps there are carvings of musical notes from a melody you and He will write one day. Perhaps there are images that you and He will partner to paint, or the carvings of words you and He will pen. Perhaps there are the blueprints of buildings, the plans for an invention, or an outline for an innovative idea, which you and He will create to bless and further His Kingdom. As sons and daughters of God, we have countless, untold creative expressions residing within us, just waiting for our discovery and exploration.

Similarly, we come across this same truth through the vast variety of creative expressions we encounter in the world. Think about a skilled musician releasing a beautiful sound through his or her instrument. Now, think about that sound being released into the atmosphere as a song laden with heartfelt worship unto the Lord. As that musician chooses to release his sound of worship, he opens up a space for others to encounter God even as he is encountering Him. His heartfelt worship opens other hearts to feel the Presence of God. While any musician can make a sound, the worshipper opens up a space for the sound of Heaven (worship) to invade the natural atmosphere, allowing others to engage with the heart of God.

Now imagine an artist who decides to paint the imagery she has encountered during her intimate times with God. Imagine these images from Heaven emerging on a canvas for others to behold. These images, birthed in intimacy with God, then open doorways for others to see into the heavenly realms as they have never seen before. The light, colors, and textures, which the artist applies, become the manifest reflections of an unseen realm—the many strokes revealing beautiful, unseen mysteries of the Father’s heart.

These traditionally “artsy” examples are just the beginning—the “tip of the iceberg.” Creativity in God has endless forms and expressions. Consider a landscaper who decides to create a scenic space where others can engage with the beauty of God’s creation. Or an architect who works to design a building that is aesthetically pleasing yet extremely efficient. What about a business leader who is constantly thinking of ways to create new jobs and improve the lives of others in the process? Or maybe an event coordinator whose creative expressions leads him to create and design some of the most memorable moments in people’s lives!

There is the neighbor who loves to garden on the weekend, or the parent who enjoys cooking meals for his or her kids. Yes, even a simple meal can become an expression of creativity in God—and you don’t have to be a culinary master either! Partnering with God, asking Him what you can prepare to personally bless someone else, is a creative expression! In the Kingdom, cooking someone his or her favorite dessert can lead them, even though you may do so unknowingly, to encounter the God who intimately knows and loves them!

The creative expressions God has placed within us have the ability and favor of Heaven to influence and impact any environment or occupation. Everything we do can become an expression of God’s creativity within us and be used to bless and further His Kingdom on Earth. Our God-driven creativity has the ability to touch everyone around us and to go into a multitude of environments. Creativity in God blesses people. It brings the beauty and nature of God into their atmosphere, thereby creating ways for others to encounter the heart of God.

In addition, every creative expression in God also holds the capacity to become a key of access, for others, into the Presence of God—a holy port of entry into the very nature and heart of our Creator. I have witnessed individuals taste of the Presence of Jesus for the first time as they absorbed a simple lyric sung into their atmosphere. I have watched as God has touched hearts with raw encounters of His relentless love through strokes laid upon a canvas. I have seen tears of sweet moments with Jesus freely flow because another chose to dance in adoration before the King of kings. And I have seen sheer delight come into the eyes of those tasting a simple meal, personalized for them by their Creator God.

In a moment, they suddenly realized that they hadn’t been forgotten but are truly loved and known by their Creator. Creativity in God makes a difference, it holds the power to absolutely and positively impact everyone and everything around us with the heart of our good, good Father, our Creator.

The Master Carpenter’s favor rests upon His creativity “carved” within us, and it’s His good pleasure for us to not only discover it, but to explore and release it here on Earth!


Codye Reystead

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