Codye Reystead

The creative journey with God is far richer than simply following a determined route to a final destination. It is a broad landscape, lush with its own beauty, challenging paths, and scenic opportunities. We might enter the creative process one-dimensionally—in pursuit of a task-driven outcome. However, God looks at the process multidimensional—as a relational journey abundant with personal encounters and experiences.

Creativity in God is an extraordinary and wondrous journey—an expedition of exploration within the very heart of God.

The world usually defines the worth of a process by the perceived value of its outcome. However, God values process over outcome, the journey over the destination. It’s during the process of the creative journey with God that we discover He is cultivating far more in us than we realize, and we become transformed in the process, regardless of the destination. Therefore, the outcome becomes more about the transformational process we experience, rather than the final destination.

From the onset of the creative process, God sees not only the final product, but also the multidimensional works He is establishing in the heart of His child along the way.

Remember, God is always more concerned with the position of our hearts than with the results of our efforts. He is more concerned with forming, shaping, and transforming the heart of His creative son or daughter than with what His creative child “produces” at the end of the process.

God sees process as an adventure. Yet most of us, when considering a new creative venture, are ready to “jump on the next plane” in order to get there as soon as possible. God, on the other hand, is planning an extended road trip-an epic journey with Him. Moreover, He’s joyfully committed to sharing the journey with us and fostering a deeper relationship as we travel together through wondrous landscapes, and unexpected scenic routes. As our loving Father, God desires to process life with us-fully present and fully engaged in every moment of our lives.  Incidentally, while we are busy creating with Him, He is busy creating in us.

It is in the process—the journey—that God delights-ultimately, God loves creating His creatives!

Codye Reystead

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