Codye Reystead


Many times our first impulse is to view the creative journey and its process from the surface–And from this limited perspective it can look quite messy and even chaotic.” However, when we choose to go on a creative journey with the Creator of the universe we can rest assure He has divinely ordered every step. Therefore, if we yield to God’s leading for our journey, we will find ourselves more in love with our Father, more in tune with the Holy Spirit, and more like our Savior.


God-driven creativity is a path by which we encounter the heart of God.

Just as worship, prayer, thanksgiving, and meditation lead us to experience more of the fullness of His nature, so too does creativity. As we engage in the creative process and learn to create with God, our creativity in God then becomes a key to ongoing transformation and encounter—a key to countless realms within the Father’s heart.

Furthermore, creating with God offers a perpetual invitation to know and participate in the abiding fellowship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As Kingdom creatives, we can experience Their joy as They create in us, with us, and then through us. As we encounter Their fellowship, we learn to join in Their abiding communion and Their intimate conversation and then partner with Them to create from that sweet place of fellowship.

The creative process then becomes a holy invitation of fellowship at a deep and transformational level within the heart of the creative.

By accepting this deeper invitation of encounter, we learn to yield our whole being to our Creator God. We learn to make ourselves completely available and vulnerable to His creative nature in all ways. We surrender our hearts, time, energy, agendas, and even our physical bodies in order to create with God in all things and through all things. We yield ourselves to God and His creative process both in us and through us.

This level of fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is part of our inheritance in Jesus. And this depth of encounter with the heart of God is fully possible for all of us, and especially for you, as His creative son or daughter.

Fellowship with God during the creative journey also builds conversational pathways for the revelatory rhythms of the Father’s heart to freely flow. In other words, in the heart of God, creativity and revelation abide in beautiful rhythm and perfect cadence, each flowing in accord with the other. As we then explore these hidden treasures of revelation, we are inspired to create yet again.

It’s a supernatural cycle—creating with God leads to revelation, and revelation in turn fuels holy inspiration—a necessary component in the creative process with God.

The creative journey with God teaches us, through revelation, to see and think differently. It teaches us to see as God sees. We begin to live with Heaven’s perspective - seeing our- selves, our lives, and others as God does, from Heaven to Earth. Also, we begin to view our journeys with God from a completely different point of view because we are now experiencing Him as the joy-filled Creator: a Creator with Whom all things are possible, and a Creator God who wants us to encounter His pleasure over us throughout the entire process - not just when we arrive to the destination.

For this reason, our God-driven creativity becomes a place of powerful humility and beautiful vulnerability-a place of direct engagement with the heart of God where our hearts become transformed to live and create from the sacred space of ultimate surrender and endless encounter. This depth of encounter with the heart of God is fully possible for all of us as His creative sons and daughters.

Ultimately, creativity in God attracts the Presence of God thereby causing heaven to powerfully invade our hearts, lives, and the very atmospheres we live in.

Codye Reystead

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