Codye Reystead

Creativity in its truest nature is deeply relational. It is relational because God is relational.

God takes great pleasure in knowing and being known. Whenever we choose to engage in the creative process, it yields relationship. It cultivates a deeper sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, a greater knowing of the heart of God, and a keener awareness of the Presence of Jesus.

In the Kingdom, creativity is yoked to relationship—the more we know of the heart of God, the more we can create from the heart of God.

In essence, we can only reflect that which we have encountered—that which we have related to. Therefore, in order to host and release the creative power of God in its fullness, we must first encounter it through relationship, that is, through intimacy, communion, and worship. When these relational bedrocks come together within the heart of the creative, forming a spiritual plumb-line, Kingdom creativity then becomes our way of life—a Holy Spirit-led and -fed lifestyle of becoming creative in God, with God, through God, and for God.

As we learn to practice intimacy, communion, and worship, we can then relationally engage with God to create what is in His heart for us to bring forth.

Choosing to live a lifestyle of intimacy, communion, and worship, opens up realms of encounter within the Father’s heart, both personally and for those around us. We become so enveloped in the atmosphere of Heaven that we provide a key of encounter for others as well. In other words, what we encounter of the heart of God we can then share with those around us–bringing more of Heaven to Earth in the process!

Over the next three weeks we will be posting more about the three relational bedrocks of Kingdom creativity. Up next week; “Intimacy–The Heartbeat of Creativity.”

Stay tuned for more!

Codye Reystead

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