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How do we move from believing we carry His creativity to knowing and unearthing our God-given creativity?

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How do we discover the creative treasures God has placed within us? And then how do we go about exploring our creative inheritance in Jesus? An exploring that usually involves adventuring out of our comfort zones, becoming a little uncomfortable in order to try something new with God.

Think for a moment about the explorers of old. In order to discover and explore new territory, these adventurous souls first had to believe something was there to discover. Then they had to engage their belief by acquiring some sort of sailing vessel and actually mustering up the courage to set sail on uncharted waters toward unknown destinations. Their belief was what led them to leave the shores. If these explorers had chosen to remain in unbelief, many new lands and territories would never have been discovered. If we are to discover our creative inheritance in Jesus, we can no longer harbor unbelief regarding its existence.

 For Kingdom creatives’, the process of discovering and exploring our creative inheritance is much like setting sail into the unknown. To first discover the creative expressions God has placed within us, we must start by choosing to believe they exist. We choose to declare God’s truth over ourselves. We choose to keep our eyes open for times, even the most unlikely moments, when our creativity may reveal itself. We choose to look for opportunities for creative expression. Then, our belief moves us into the place of “holy knowing”—moving from mental ascent to a convinced heart. At this point, when our whole being is convinced of the creativity we carry, we can then begin to unearth and explore our God-given creative treasures.

 God’s creativity and a creative inheritance in Jesus is given to us all.

So, with a simple agreement, a resounding yes and amen, stop and tell the Father, “I am creative! I know I have God- given creativity within me just waiting to be discovered, and I want to go on a journey with You, God, to explore the creative inheritance You have destined for me!”

The process of discovering and then exploring our creative inheritance involves a willingness to leave behind the familiar in favor of the unknown. It also involves a willingness to search for something we cannot see, but still believe is there. As a result, when we are willing to search for the creative treasures God has placed within us, He will be faithful to reveal them. Unearthing our God-given creative treasures is the Father’s desire for all His sons and daughters.

Indeed, God loves to see His children search out the creativity He has placed within them, and He deeply desires to reveal the various creative expressions He has woven within you. God delights in the process of discovery and exploration, one in which you can engage with Him and explore with Him. Thereby developing a greater understanding of your own creative inheritance in Jesus.

Dare to dream with God!

Exploration is where you get to dream with God and use the holy gift of your imagination. This is where your God-given gift of imagination becomes active. Although you may not yet know what your creative expressions are, you begin to look, to explore, and to dream with God in order to find out what they may be. This is where your belief in your God-given creative expressions manifests into action, and you dare to dream with God and try something new!

Ultimately while on the quest to unearth your creative inheritance, you have a holy invitation to engage in amazing conversations with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Knowing and exploring your creative inheritance in Jesus is not something God wants to withhold from you as His son or daughter. Rather, creativity is a gift from God, and He wants you to open it. It is in His good pleasure to reveal to His children the creative treasures He has given to each of us.

I encourage you to leave the shores and dream with God.

Dare to tell Him what you would like to do, what you would like to create (in whatever form or media), and then do it! God will be delighted as you engage in the process of awakening the creative treasures He has placed within you!


Codye Reystead

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