Worship as a Lifestyle

Codye Reystead
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Worship at its core is a response. As we draw close to God in intimacy, we learn to hear and participate in the conversation of the Triune God. Ultimately, what we hear stirs up a response in us, and pouring out that response then becomes our expression of worship. 

Our most common ideas of worship involve music, and there are many beautiful acts of worship that are musical; however, not all worship involves music. Rather, worship is to come so close to the heart of God—to be so enraptured by Him—that while you might burst out in song, you might also erect a cathedral, or sculpt a masterpiece, or simply weep. 

It is essential that worship as a lifestyle be established within the heart of every creative. 

Worship edifies the inner man and so enriches the heart. When we intentionally live from a place of worship, our hearts, minds, and emotions come into alignment with the heart of God and we, in turn glean exponentially from an authentic lifestyle of encounter with our Father. 

As we live in worship, the heartbeat of God becomes clearer and more magnified. Our hearts begin to flow in beautiful cadence with His, and we are able to live in tempo with the Spirit of God instead of the pace set by the world around us. Even our countenance becomes transformed as we encounter the peace and Presence of God that flows from a practice of intentional worship. 

Worship then becomes an essential key to the treasury of creativity that lies within. 

When we position ourselves in praise and thanksgiving, it creates clarity within us to reflect the heart of God with authenticity. For the creative, awe, wonder, worship, and devotion all help to build open highways directly into the heart of God, not only for us to encounter His heart, but to then release it to everyone around us. 

At this point, we can create in the physical what the heart has encountered in the supernatural. When a worshipping heart comes into contact with the heart of God, the deposits of those encounters flow like fragrant oil, saturating our whole being in the process. Worship imbues the heart with the fragrance of Heaven and empowers our mind, body, soul, and spirit to release what we have encountered of God through our creative processes. 

We reveal what our hearts receive. We reflect what our hearts see. We create what our hearts encounter. 

Ultimately, there is a sudden collision between Heaven and Earth that occurs when a worshipper chooses a position of raw abandonment before his or her Creator. A heart laden with pure and passionate worship acts as a catalyst, creating a space in the heavenly realms for God’s creative manifestations to take place in us and through us. Worship opens the realm of Heaven to flood into the Earth’s atmosphere, inviting the Presence of God to come and do as He desires. 

True also worship builds authenticity within the creative. 

It positions our hearts in raw humility yet builds holy confidence within the inner man. Furthermore, our times of worship and adoration help to maintain our inner man. The encounters we experience through worship open up a place in our spirits to host the creative power of God and create a space for Him to come and release Himself. 

Worship is a vital bedrock God wants to establish within the heart of every creative–as is intimacy and communion. As Kingdom creatives, it is essential that we position intimacy, communion, and worship as the foundational bedrocks on which we choose to live and stand. We must also choose to live a lifestyle in which these bedrocks are applied and maintained daily. 

Only when we set these bedrocks firmly in place, will we be able to fully advance as Kingdom creatives who know how to host and release our Father’s creative power in and through everything we do. 

Codye Reystead

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