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Our words can hold life or death. As sons and daughters of God, our tongues (our language and words) are truly that powerful, and we must come to understand them as such.

Your words are so weighty that they have power to bring life or release death, and the talkative person will reap the consequences (Proverbs 18:21 TPT).

Think of the sheer quantity of words you read, speak, or hear on an average day. Far more than you would want to count! We are continually spoken to, and spoken over, with numerous words every day. We’ve witnessed their power, and experienced how the words of others can renew our courage and help strengthen us in our own personal journeys. Unfortunately, we’ve also encountered how the words of others can injure our hearts and even attempt to destroy our dreams.

Words have the power to release great compassion or great heartache and pain.

For better or worse, humanity is constantly communicating. Mankind operates in creativity every day by communicating with each other through words and languages. But have you ever thought of your words or your language as an expression of creativity from Heaven?

I challenge you to explore this truth: Because you are made in the image of the Creator God, who spoke all of creation into being, our voice was made to mirror His voice.

As sons and daughters of God, our words (spoken or written) are part of our creative inheritance; for that reason, our voice is a creative expression, part of His creative DNA woven within you.

The creative ability to communicate was designed and given to us by our Creator God; therefore, we have been given great favor to use our words as a creative expression of Heaven. In truth, the words we use can profoundly penetrate the hearts of those around us. And when our words are spoken in alignment with His heart, they will cause truth, hope, goodness, mercy, love, and kindness to be released. God can and will use our words to encourage and awaken those around us to their true callings, identities, and destinies in Jesus. Our words are extremely weighty, a truth that we must keep at the forefront of our minds as we communicate.

As citizens of Heaven, we especially must come to recognize and understand the creative power of our words. What we choose to speak will inevitably rise up and be released into the atmospheres around us.

Whether positive, or negative, this truth applies. Whatever we choose to focus our words on will be empowered. Our words are like water that flows inexorably into the atmospheres around us. They can either supply refreshing Living Water for others to drink from, or they can create a muddy trail for others to tread through.

We’ve all encountered the power of hatred when it is spoken into the atmosphere. It can spread quickly, and gain fierce and destructive momentum in the process. Like a prairie fire, it can rapidly consume everything and everyone with whom it comes into contact. But what if we would choose to respond by releasing the words of our Father when confronted with the flames of hatred? In the Kingdom of God, it is entirely possible to quickly extinguish those flames with His powerful words of kindness, goodness, and mercy.

When confronted with words of negativity, we as sons and daughters of God can learn to partner with Heaven to creatively speak the opposite.

When words of judgment and shame are spoken into someone’s atmosphere we can use our voice as a creative expression of Heaven to speak words of mercy and honor instead of judgment and shame, thereby shifting and creating a new atmosphere for that individual to experience.

Learning to speak with the vocabulary of Heaven is a creative process with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is a process each One of the Trinity take great joy in. We can actively engage with the heart of God, the Person of Jesus, and the exuberant joy of the Holy Spirit, when we ask the Holy Spirit what He would say and how He would say it. Then we learn to speak those things in kindness and love. It’s an amazing process, one in which God invites us into every day, as well as a lifetime journey— learning how to partner with God so that we may create goodness and life through our own words.

Codye Reystead

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