Codye Reystead

Creativity carries with it an inherent mystery which gets lost when we try to define it in natural terms. It was birthed in the heavens, from God, through God. It was birthed. It was formed. How then can creativity ever be authentically de ned in the natural realm? Yet this is where we so often try to define it, boxing it up within our own tidy, earth-bound ideas. But the mystery of creativity cannot be contained. It is not an earthly concept; it’s a heavenly one. Creativity in its truest nature is not of this world.

For the Son created everything, both in the heavenly realm and on the earth, all that is seen and all that is unseen. Every seat of power, realm of government, principality, and authority-it was all created by Him and for His purpose! (Colossians 1:16 TPT).

The true essence of creativity exists in the super-natural realm. In effect, the creativity of God permeating man is a supernatural mystery; however, man is often unmistakably challenged by that which is unfamiliar or undeniable. Thus, the mystery of creativity is frequently removed in favor of a more earth-bound definition or meaning.

In order to claim our creative inheritance as sons and daughters of God, we must be willing to look beyond the man-made definition of creativity. We must look at creativity through a broader lens—from Heaven to Earth and ask the questions: How does our Father define creativity? What does creativity look like to God and with God? Can it be limited in its expressions when He is the limitless God? I don’t think so. God is far too creative for that! From Heaven’s perspective, creativity hosts a far broader spectrum than we are taught to recognize and possesses a definition that far exceeds our understanding.

In the world, we are taught to recognize “artsy” or “artistic” as equivalent to “creative.” This definition of creativity holds truth, but in a very narrow and limited way. Confining creativity to the simplified, worldly definition of someone being “artsy” or “artistic” does not reflect the truest nature of creativity in the Kingdom. Yes, artists are indeed creative as artists. However, creativity in this form is only one color among the endless spectrum of creative expressions, which exist in the sons and daughters of God. Being “artsy” or “artistic” is but one facet of God’s multifaceted gem of creativity.

When our God-given creativity is defined with an earthly mindset, that mindset then serves to limit the numerous possibilities of where God is able to take us as His creatives. Instead, we get to live in this brilliant Kingdom truth: He is the limitless God and Creator; therefore, true creativity in God has no limits. The many facets He may choose to express His creativity, both in us and through us, are endless. God’s creativity dwell- ing within His sons and daughters simply cannot be limited in its expression. By its very nature it is multifaceted, multidirectional, and multidimensional. It is God’s creative nature, His creative power residing within us.

However, even if we are aware of a limitless God and Creator, we must also allow the Spirit of God to come and expand our thinking to include more and more of the multidimensional facets of our own creative inheritance in Jesus. We must allow God to come and paint a broader panoramic view of creativity in the Kingdom—a view that includes our individual creative inheritance and all the endless possibilities and expressions it may have. Dare to believe that you, as a child of God, have a creative inheritance in Jesus. Even if you have yet to identify what that inheritance looks like, dare to believe it is there.


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