Sword of Inspiration - Artist Codye Reystead

A word from the artist:

In 2018 I felt a transition…a transition that seemed to touch every area of my life, including my artistry and creativity. It was as if a holy knowing, settled into my spirit and began to whisper, “we’re going to do what we’ve always done, but in entirely new ways…”

So I began to dream again with God–And the video collaboration, "Sword of Inspiration” was birthed…

As an artist, I feel as if there are times I get to touch eternity—to create something that transcends time and speaks to the heart–For it has been in the heart of God, the Master Artist, for a long, long time. This collaboration is such a project…such a creation…

Revelation for “Sword of Inspiration” coming soon!

- Codye Reystead

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