Fearless Creativity

I love art that speaks prophetically to me or that broadens and deepens my vision of the Lord, His Kingdom and my place in it. In my meditation suite I am surrounded by iconic art that drips with Presence. It is a constant reminder as I write and create, that the unseen realm of the Kingdom may become mysteriously visible and thoroughly voluble. 

Codye’s art is like that. I have long had the privilege of seeing her paint at events where I am speaking. It is entirely possible to have fresh encounters in worship as she paints in partnership with her First Love. Her first book, Chronicles of the Treasury…Journey of Destiny resides in my own creative space.

I have great pleasure in recommending the person, the visionary, the artist, the worshiper - Codye Reystead!
— Graham Cooke, BrilliantPerspectives.com
Codye Reystead is a well respected artist and an influential leader in the prophetic. Whether you’re a musician, creative or business person, this book will help you discover the creative nature of God that is within you. As you learn to partner with the Spirit who made all things, you will begin to find your own purpose and part in bringing heavenly transformation to the world around you. Every believer is called to courageously put Jesus on display through the lives they live. This book will help you understand the pathway to releasing your full creative potential. Glean from every word Codye writes and learn to be fearlessly creative!
— John Fitch, Founder of Worship on the Rocks
Codye Reystead is an artist whose work emanates an abiding relationship with The Creator. The communion she has cultivated in her life and art, opens doors for others to encounter the creative heart of God as well. The insights in this book will help unlock doors of encounter and deepen our understanding of creativity and intimacy with God.
— Stephen Roach, Founder of The Breath and The Clay
Fear shackles creativity. It shouts for us to withdraw or make comparisons that God isn’t making. Connecting with the perfect love of God for us must be the starting point of any creative exploration. Talent and training can only follow freedom from fear to explore.

Codye Reystead has beautifully linked us with God’s passion to see His creativity treasures in each of us flourish. She not only inspires, but trains us in discovering those deposits. Creativity is not a far-away land out there; it’s already woven into each of us, waiting to be revealed.
— Allison Bown, Author of "Joyful Intentionality"

Journey of Destiny

Truth and beauty are always dressed in simplicity and wonder. Codye has been gifted with an amazing ability to capture truth and revelation and cause the reader/viewer to experience both. Her art causes us to see beauty and her words cause us to know their truth in fresh and profound ways. Plan to spend hours in this wonderful kingdom experience.
— Ray Hughes, Selah Ministries
When art and prophecy collide, there is an expression of the creative nature of God that makes all who witness it come to attention and feast on the glory of His living power. Codye embodies this reality.  The author being a trusted friend in the kingdom, I encourage all who read this book to take off the blinders of society and venture deep into the places of Abba’s heart where you can discover more of Him and who you were created to be.  The awe and wonder of these stories and exhortations will make your heart soar with the reality of heaven and God’s love for you.  Drink deep and step into the daring revelations written within these pages.
— John Fitch Co-founder, Resound Worship and Arts Conference 
God is a creative force and He designed us to manifest Him creatively in many ways, including prophetic ministry.  Prophets are meant to be a ‘heart with a voice’, connecting people with who God really is and who He made them to truly be.  Codye is above all else, a worshipper of God, dedicated to living in His presence; a prophetic writer, speaker and skilled artist of His heart. She knows the art of living in ‘days of grace’, and that wisdom infuses her images and words.  

The first time I saw one of Codye’s paintings, I felt as if I could walk into it, like a Narnian wardrobe.  It surrounded me with a sense of encounter with how God sees, and I just wanted to keep looking. This book is a unique, deep well of encouragement; a renewal and empowerment that provides a continuing encounter into the heart of God. One that will make you simply want to just keep looking, and listening and looking again for years to come.
Prepare to go on a journey with God…
— Allison Bown Author, Joyful Intentionality and Director, The Warrior Class
Journey of Destiny presents through visual imagery and prophetic dialog an invitation to explore the mysteries of God. Folded in its pages are profound visions and conversation intended to resonate with our spiritual DNA. What an amazing opportunity to enter into contemplative conversation with the Father and explore what His heart has for us personally and corporately. A gifted visual artist and prophetic voice, Codye has yielded to the Holy Spirit many times and the result has been inspiring and revelational. In Journey of Destiny she offers a compelling masterpiece of words rich in light and nuance, covered with the fingerprints of Heaven. What a joy to encounter the Lord through these pages to see and taste our possibilities.
— Bob Young, Lead Pastor of Vinelife Church
We know a picture represents many words. But, what if those words contained promise, encouragement, direction and hope?  Codye connects us visually to her paintings and then opens a treasure chest of discovery through her words. This book captivates the reader in an experience few can duplicate.  Open the pages, step right in and allow your life to explode into a new place of amazing exploration and discovery. 
— Christine Casten Founder, Radiant Ministries International
I have had the pleasure of knowing Codye for about 6 years now and I have had the privilege to minister alongside her on several occasions. I am always blown away with her ability to see into heavily realms and to then translate what she sees in to a beautiful work of art. Each piece that she creates carries a prophetic message for every person that has the pleasure of viewing it. I know that this book will bless you not just as a pieces of inspiration and beauty, but also as a tool to take you on a journey deep in to the heart of the Father.
— Nick Kofahl Resound Leadership Team
To say the book Vessels of Glory is a good read would be an understatement. Codye takes her Holy Spirit inspired paintings and combines them with amazing prophetic writing. Her prophetic gift coupled with her artistic gift makes for exceptional viewing and inspiring reading. Let this book give you fresh and unique insight into the very heart of God.
— William (Bill) Johnson Prophetic Team Leader, Trinity Fellowship Church Amarillo, TX
Codye has demonstrated her prophetic gift to us both in painting and word for many years now. She has consistently sought the Lord in preparation for our annual worship and arts gathering, Resound. She brought visual expression through paintings that have often been confirmed through the teaching of our guest speakers. One such expression is Vessels of Glory. I invite you to enjoy the beauty of the painting and the expression of the word. I hope that you will find it as encouraging and uplifting as I have.
— Ed Bennell Pastor, Vinelife Church