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Barrier Breaker

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Barrier Breaker

from 34.99

“They conquered him by he blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they did not love their lives in the face of death…” Revelation 12:11

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“They conquered him by he blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they did not love their lives in the face of death…” Revelation 12:11


I Am raising up barrier breakers who will destroy the works of the enemy with the very things the enemy has tried to use against them. These men and women have walked as forerunners and have learned to wage war and wage it well. They have tasted of victory, always advancing with The Word of The Lord on their lips. They have stood with hearts ignited for the justice and righteous of their King to both reign and rain into their atmospheres, their lives, the lives of their families, and the lives of everyone around them. Now I am causing these forerunners to become barrier breakers…

Take notice, for the enemy does not realize the price of the attacks he has been bringing upon My anointed ones in these past seasons. The price will be high for the kingdom of darkness. The enemy is soon to suffer vast and numerous defeats as My forerunners, begin rise from their the pasts seasons of long and difficult warfare.  As My forerunners rise under the anointing power of My Blood they will become My barrier breakers and the enemy will be make to suffer under their very feet. What they have long had to fight will now become what the enemy is made to suffer.

These barrier breakers will break down barriers in the spiritual realm with a new level of fierceness and resolve for they will know the the breakthrough power of the Blood of The Lamb. Walls that were once impenetrable, will now crumble and be crushed under the yoke of the anointing that I Am placing upon My barrier breakers. They hear the call and they are rising up with their swords in hand. The very words of their Beloved Warrior King are readied upon their lips, and the sounds of inevitable victory burns within in their hearts. Yes, anointed victors are soon to rise, victors who have stood and chosen to remain standing even during their long seasons of battle.  

To My barrier breakers; the price I know has been costly, but you have My Word that the victory will be great. I know nothing other than victory and you stand with Me…arise My dear beloved ones who have stood for so long and in such fierce warfare! You are My men and women of valor. Arise, for the enemy is soon to taste the bitterness of defeat. Your swords are now anointed with the breakthrough Blood of The Lamb! Wield them, use the promises of your King, the very weapons in your hand! Know that I have graced your weaponry with the overcoming power of The Blood, to break down the most resistant barriers that have come against you and attempted to stop you, and My people, from advancing. Choose to break down barriers for those around you as well for when you do they too will encounter the power of The Blood of The Lamb! The days of slaying the giants are here for I have given you the very weapon to do so; its My Blood! Only the Blood of The Lamb will break down barriers that no man can break!   

© Codye Reystead, 2017