Illuminating Glory

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Illuminating Glory

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So believe and cling to the Light while I Am with you, so that you will shine as children filled with Light.  John 12:36

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So believe and cling to the Light while I Am with you, so that you will shine as children filled with Light.  John 12:36


My people are made to carry My Light to the nations, but they must hold My oil and My fire in order to release The Light of My Glory.  I AM bringing My oil to ignite the fiery hearts of My people…

There is a holy intolerance of the luke-warm spirit rising within the hearts of My people.  No longer will they be satisfied, for My people were created in My image, they were created for more than mediocre. My people were not created to be small flickering flames in My Kingdom, like candles simply bringing a bit of light to a small space.  No! I created My people to be carriers of My Illuminating Glory!  I Am causing the hearts of My people to cry out for more! No longer will My people be satisfied with luke-warm, no longer will My people be satisfied with the ‘mediocre’. They will know and understand they were made for more….for we are moving into the hour of MORE…”

I Am coming, and I Am causing the level of passion to rise multidimensionally within My people.  I Am coming to ignite them with a Holy Passion, and a Holy Pursuit for all things of their King and His Kingdom.  I Am coming and I Am pouring out the oil of heaven, the oil of the anointing…holy fire is being met with heaven’s oil, and the hearts of My people are being ignited like never before.  This new fire ignited within My people will be unyielding…they will burn with My Glory ignited within them, and I will give them unlimited access to the oil of My Presence…

Receive the outpouring of My oil…bring yourselves to Me and I will set your hearts aflame with My Fiery Presence.  You will be the menorah’s that go about and light the way, for My coming is near.  I will cause you to become so consumed with My Presence that all the earth will become aglow with the unyielding fire of My righteous ones.  Let heaven’s oil rain down upon you. Position your hearts under its outpouring…Behold the oil of heaven pouring forth from the Throne of the Righteous One!  Stand and be saturated in the oil of heaven so that you may become consumed with the fire of God….

My Living Presence…the Illuminating Glory…

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