Truth and beauty are always dressed in simplicity and wonder. Codye has been gifted with an amazing ability to capture truth and revelation and cause the reader/viewer to experience both. Her art causes us to see beauty and her words cause us to know their truth in fresh and profound ways...

It’s the artist’s desire to continue creating high quality videos–free for public viewing. If you would like to contribute to this cause, please follow the link below…

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About the artist:

Codye Reystead is a worshipper, a writer, a speaker, and a skilled artist of the Father's heart. In addition to being a full time artist and author, Codye is also founder of the prophetic creative ministry, 2911 The Treasury. Her passion is to build, encourage, and equip the sons and daughters of God into their God given identities, callings, and destinies. Codye believes in helping others discover their God-given creativity and live a creative lifestyle. She burns to see others undone by the raw and radical love of Jesus; transformed and empowered, to walk in their God given identity and become all that He created them to be.

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Cinematography & studio images created by Jason Espinoza Photography

Photographers for 2911 The Treasury: Jason Espinoza and Sean O’ Harte

Creative Projects Manager: Sarah O’Harte