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2911 The Treasury is a creative arts ministry for the lovers of beauty, explorers of mystery, and seekers of truth. It is also the official working fine-art studio of artist, author, and creative, Codye Reystead. 

Truth and beauty are always dressed in simplicity and wonder. Codye has been gifted with an amazing ability to capture truth and revelation and cause the reader/viewer to experience both. Her art causes us to see beauty and her words cause us to know their truth in fresh and profound ways.

- Ray Hughes, Selah Ministries

Last year, 2911 The Treasury grew into a nationally recognized creative arts ministry. This growth came when The Treasury’s artist, Codye Reystead, was invited to paint live at Worship On The Rocks–a special gathering held at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado.  

Now, we’re inviting you to become a patron by investing this growing creative arts ministry.

When you become a patron and chose to invest:

  • You equip the artist with the valuable time and resources to continue creating–including paintings, books, blogs, & resource materials

  • You allow the team to expand and attend more events where emerging creatives can be encouraged and inspired.

You enable the creation of more high quality videos–

  • videos to share Codye’s personal testimony (The Fight to Create)

  • and record the artist creating live paintings to share with others online

Your investment will equip a multifaceted ministry to create artwork and written pieces that speak to the heart and soul of mankind–a ministry built not only to encourage but to empower. This is a time in history like no other–And 2911 The Treasury values patrons like you to resource the forward movement of such a forerunning creative ministry.

Get a free copy of the artist’s inspirational word & imagery book, The Journey of Destiny, when you chose to invest in this growing ministry! (a $35 value)


Codye Reystead is a worshipper, a writer, a speaker, and a skilled artist of the Father's heart. In addition to being a full time artist and author, Codye is also founder of the prophetic creative ministry, 2911 The Treasury. Her passion is to build, encourage, and equip the sons and daughters of God into their God given identities, callings, and destinies. Codye believes in helping others discover their God-given creativity and live a creative lifestyle. She burns to see others undone by the raw and radical love of Jesus; transformed and empowered, to walk in their God given identity and become all that He created them to be.