Selena @ eGen

“‘The Lord says, “It’s a Nehemiah season! I’m calling My people to the walls! It’s time to rebuild! It’s time to restore and it’s time to reestablish! This is a season for the Nehemiahs to rise in My Kingdom!” 

“I’ve been training many to become the Nehemiah’s of this age. They are coming forth knowing My heart and knowing My voice. My wisdom now rains and reigns within them. 

You have been prepared for such time as this! Now I Am will cause your hearts to burn in response to My call…Come to the wall, for it’s time to rebuild! Get ready My beloved ones, for I Am causing new resolve to burn within your hearts’. Your hearts will now burn…readied for war, yet readied to restore and rebuild-in My Name and for the expansion of My Kingdom!”

“I Am calling you forth! It is time to restore and it is time to rebuild! It is time to advance in the promises I have given youIt is time to rebuild with the tools I have given you in one hand and the Word of the Lord in the other-you have been gifted with both the tools to build and the weapons to expand!”

“Just as My servant Nehemiah called the people to rebuild the walls - I'm calling you to rebuild, to restore, and to reestablish My Kingdom lines here on Earth. Be alert…be ever-watchful! Place your hearts in continual intercession before Me and I will give you all you need to advance. I will be faithful to give you the keys to unlock doors that were once locked to previous generations. I will be faithful to place the tools to build in one hand and the sword of My Word in the other.”

“I Am causing new structures to be built-new pathways and new places of encounter to rise up. I Am causing new roads to be made by the Nehemiahs of this age. They will build structures and highways (places both in the natural and the supernatural) for others to encounter the relentless Love My Son in new and profound ways. 

“My Nehemiahs, I Am giving you a renewing spirit-and it will rest upon you for it will be a weighty measure of My Presence. You will wake renewed to continue on for I will be with you. I’m placing holy resolve to burn within your hearts. You will not run out of strength for I will be your Everlasting Strength. You will not run out of resources for I will be your Faithful Provider…I will be everything you need to advance My kingdom in these days. I’m calling you up!” says the Lord, “I’m calling you up! My Nehemiah’s arise! Arise, My Nehemiah’s arise!”