My Kingdom Locomotives

Codye Reystead

A few mornings ago I heard the Father say, “let's go on a walk today..." 

In the past, my walks with God have inevitably lead to intriguing conversations and captivating revelation. So when the invitation came on this particular morning, I readily accepted it. Lacing up my most comfortable shoes, I left the house to begin my morning mini-adventure with the Holy Spirit. Sure enough, as my feet hit the pavement outside, I felt the level of anticipation and expectancy rise within me. I could feel it. God had something specific to reveal this morning–something specific to say.

I followed the promptings of the Holy Spirit and before long found myself standing in front of a massive locomotive.  A huge snow plow (wedge plow) was attached to the front of the machine. One could tell that the locomotive had recently been restored from a long hard winter and repainted with a fresh coat of red paint. Now it stood bold and tall before me–its very presence emanating its strength and resilience. It was at this point that God said to me, "this is what I wanted to show you...now pen what I have to say..."


"It has been a long journey, a race of endurance for many of My forerunners– now I Am empowering them to forge on...."


“To the forerunners of My Kingdom–many of you have gone through numerous night storms in these past weeks and even seasons. Much opposition has forced its way up against you as you continue to pursue and accelerate in your Kingdom purposes in Me. Your acceleration in Me, and all things of My Kingdom, has forced the enemy to attempt to bring multiple storms of opposition your way. These storms have come with furry at times attempting to slow you down or hinder you from advancing into your future Kingdom purposes, callings, assignments and destinations.

I'm extending great grace- My empowering grace to My Kingdom locomotives, for you have seen much contestation, yet you have continued to pursue Jesus above all else...continuing to "forge on ahead" in order that you might carry My Heart and My Kingdom into every sphere I sent you. Even in your darkest hours you have remained fixed on Me. My Love for you and your love for Me has become what fuels you on.

Now My beloved forerunners, many of you may feel as if you are running out of steam and running out of rail to continue on. Your hearts are weary from the continual opposition and even outright onslaughts you have faced in these past days and months. 

But now I say to My forerunners, My Kingdom-forgers–Now is the time! Now, new strength will flood your beings to pursue onward in your Kingdom callings and personal destinies. New strength in the form of pure joy is going to begin to flood into your atmospheres making way for you to forge ahead yet even more! 

I have prepared you to be resilient! Strong and bold I have prepared you to be! Now, I Am calling you to look at all that has been and all that I have done. For you see, My beloved Kingdom-forgers, when you were not looking I have been building you even bigger, even stronger, and even more bold. I have equipped you to do bold and mighty things in Me! Like snow banks being powerfully broken through by a plow equipped locomotive, so to I have created you to be–powerful and bold through My Spirit alive within you! You will now be able to forge ahead in new ways! 

I Am calling you to rise up yet again and forge on! For new fuel in the form of joyful vengeance is coming to you now! Yes, My Glory trains are coming! 

You will now be able to plow through all that you have been unable to plow through before. Your future is now becoming “unblocked” by the powerful “forging-through" anointing I Am placing upon you. Yes, I Am giving you a "wedge plow" to plow through, drive out, move and shift, and unblock all that has attempted to block you from advancing into your futures in Me. The things, the situations, the circumstances that were hindering your way, will simply become like snow before a'wedge plow' on a powerful locomotive. You have positioned yourself in Me; therefore, you will now boldly advance with My plower and glory about you. 

Now advance boldly My Kingdom-forgers, for you are the chosen ones who are now forging for powerful moves of My Spirit to come and explode all throughout this nation. First, you will see a plowing through of that which has hindered you from personally advancing, then there will be a plowing through of cooperate hinderances so that others can boldly advance behind you. Look around you–you have gathered more behind you than you realize. My Kingdom forgers have made way for many to now advance in My Kingdom!