Navigating Challenging Circumstances

Codye Reystead

At the beginning of this year God dropped this powerful, yet beautiful revelation into my spirit–

 "This year the anointing will come to those who are willing to get raw and real–the anointing will fall on the authentic..."

I have sat with this revelation for several months now, processing deeply as God has continued to unveil more wisdom and unearth more understanding pertaining to this statement. I've also engaged in active conversations with the Father as to how I'm to personally respond to this revelation. 

It's time to get raw and real. We all have a story to tell. And like any good story, our personal stories are usually woven with the various strands of great challenge.  Now, for many it's time to become vulnerable–to become willing to reveal the tender places of our hearts where our personal stories and journeys with God have been written. Our strands of great challenge are ready to be shared. With this being said, the following is the beginning of my willingness this year–my willingness to get raw and to get real.  

Some of you may already know this–I battle a "chronic" disease that I have been fighting for almost a decade. During this time, I have discovered the landscape of  "chronic" disease to be a very lonely place; however, I have also experienced it to be a place rich with the Loving Presence of God and His Exquisite Nature. I have come to know Him as the One who will never leave me nor forsake me, as He continues to remain ever-present–Faithfully guiding me though the harsh terrains of "chronic" disease and its daily challenges. 

For more than eight years "chronic" disease has been a constant onslaught–many times proving itself to be a down-right relentless enemy on an ever prevalent battlefield. I have learned "chronic" disease demands attention from your whole being–And its demands it intensely. Walking the desert of disease is like trekking through a minefield. One carefully advances in hopes of getting to the other side of the field unharmed.  With every step taken you are well aware you are in a constant battle zone. Then, just when you feel like you have made headway through the desert of disease, "chronic" surprises you and rears its ugly head again.

Yesterday the minefield of disease surprised me with another ‘yet again’ as I heard the following, "due to the condition that your veins are in we can't do any IV treatment at this time..." I listened quietly then hung up the phone–well aware my spirit was now on guard and ready to fight, again. Yes, again it was time to go to God and learn how to navigate through this next piece of the minefield that now lies lies ahead of me. 

The news yesterday was challenging to process. At heart, I am a Caleb. If there is a fight to fight, then give me a weapon and let me fight. And if it comes in the form of needles and IV's, then so be it. It is challenging indeed when your mind, will, and heart are up for the fight but your body refuses to be led to the battlefield. 

But once again, God came through with strategic wisdom and revelation–strategy as to how to navigate yet another mountain in this desert landscape of disease. Sometimes God allows things to happen to gently pull us back into the place of full dependency on Him. When navigating the desert of ongoing adversity, full dependency upon God becomes intensely necessary. 

We must not forget, He is the one who fights for us. We must not forget, the words of Moses, "God will fight for you, you need only be still..." (Exodus 14:14) Moses kept His eyes fixed on the power of God and his heart stilled to the majesty of God. We must not forget, to keep our hearts focused on His Majesty–both in all things and through all things. It is from this place we will experience Truth invading our impossible circumstances. In this place, we will remember  the "chronic" situations we face are not of heaven. We must look up to the Maker of Heaven and Earth knowing the "impossible" and the "chronic" have definite expirations dates! 

When fighting the impossible or the chronic, we must fight with an eternal mindset–And as a Caleb of this generation, I have chosen to live with my mind set on eternity. Caleb lived whole-hearted with his mind set on the faithfulness of the Eternal One. He never doubted his inheritance. So too, I have chosen to live with the eternal mindset that my God has promised me this mountain of health, and it will be mine. I will be healed. Either on this side of Heaven or the other, I will be healed. It is inevitable for it is my eternal inheritance in Jesus. Now, for me, it's about making the enemy pay for every day he pointed the sword of disease my way.

 Its payback time...and the story has just begun…

Now it's about being willing to get raw and real...

Now, it's about the bounties we will reap from our journeys... 

Now it's about the souls that will be won through our testimonies….

Now, it's time to get raw and real...

-Codye Reystead