Battling Chronic Disease...there is power in The Light!

Codye Reystead

There is power in the Light. Melissa Helser once said, “chronic disease is a very lonely place...” I would have to agree. Today, I find myself hooked up to a far from comfortable IV (yet again) to fight a disease that has ransacked my body for almost a decade. Battling chronic disease is not for the faint of heart, nor the weary of mind. Strength of heart and strength of mind are challenged every day...and on some days, every hour. But amongst it all I have found there is One who will never leave me nor forsake me. There is One who is willing to take every bloody step with me and on some days, every bloody step for me. It is the Light of His countenance, His audacious kindness, strength, and goodness that keeps me going in my darkest hours. So to all those fighting...to those who find yourselves walking in your darkest hours, I speak LIGHT- the LIGHT of HIS countenance into your hearts, minds, and spirits...HE IS FAITHFUL...May the LIGHT of His Presence illuminate your path and the Light of His Love infiltrate your heart with heaven’s strength and courage...

-Codye Reystead