I love art that speaks prophetically to me or that broadens and deepens my vision of the Lord, His Kingdom and my place in it.

In my meditation suite I am surrounded by iconic art that drips with Presence. It is a constant reminder as I write and create, that the unseen realm of the Kingdom may become mysteriously visible and thoroughly voluble.

Codye’s art is like that. I have long had the privilege of seeing her paint at events where I am speaking. It is entirely possible to have fresh encounters in worship as she paints in partnership with her First Love. Her first book, Chronicles of the Treasury…Journey of Destiny resides in my own creative space.

I have great pleasure in recommending the person, the visionary, the artist, the worshipper -Codye Reystead!
— Graham Cooke, Brilliantperspectives.com
God is a creative force and He designed us to manifest Him creatively in many ways, including prophetic ministry. Prophets are meant to be a “heart with a voice”, connecting people with who God really is and who He made them to truly be.

Codye Reystead is above all else, a worshipper of God, dedicated to living in His presence; a prophetic writer, speaker and skilled artist of His heart. She knows the art of living in “days of grace”, and that wisdom infuses her images and words.
— Allison Bown, Director of the Warrior Class