Resurrection - Artist Codye Reystead



A word from the artist:

My heart broke numerous times during the creation process of ‘Resurrection’. It broke for the lost and hurting hearts…not only for those caught in human trafficking, but also for so many who feel lost in the darkness…whose lives are broken and hearts are bleeding…

In the beginning stages of ‘Resurrection’, God gave me His vision on canvas, a multifaceted, multidimensional, and luminous heart–A heart that was to reflect both the heart of God and the heart of man, (His most prized creation)–in perfect union…

Then He said so clearly, “Mankind has lost its ability to hear My heartbeat…My broken ones, My bleeding ones…they need to hear My heartbeat…for My heart will be what heals their hearts…bringing My RESURRECTION power into their lives…

More on the creation of Resurrection coming soon-

- Codye Reystead

Cinematography by Jason Espinoza @jasonespinozaphotography

RESURRECTION - A creative collaboration with 611Network.org & 611 Artist Collective

Awakening artists across the globe to use their gifts and skills in the fight against human trafficking.

It’s the artist’s desire to continue creating high quality videos–free for public viewing.

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