2019 - Learning to Embrace the Beauty of Intensity - Part 2

Codye Reystead

Note: The following is Part 2 of “2019 - Learning to Embrace the Beauty of Intensity.”

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This coming year, the sons and daughters of God will become more skilled at learning in the moment–as God is actively engages us with on the spot training. Our good, good Father is actively teaching His sons and daughters how to keep our hearts pressed into His–And our spirits increasingly sensitive to the winds of His Holy Spirit, though the waves of circumstance(s) may persist.

I believe we are moving into the days the prophets of ole’ longed for! The days when God, being the Master Artist, is rolling up His sleeves–fully committing Himself to the rather messy creative process of teaching His sons and daughters how to live and abide in a more powerful way. This is the year our Creator God will be teaching us how to live with one foot firmly positioned upon the infinite waves of eternity and the other upon the finite shores of earth. This is the year God desires to teach us how to live in the very space where Heaven and earth collide. Ans as we learn to occupy this new space a new connectedness to Heaven is going to emerge. Hearing God’s heart will become much easier for many.

2019 is going to come with its own beautiful intensity. The process of learning to abide in the very space where Heaven and Earth collide, will seem rather paradoxical at times–as we begin to experience the beautiful and the intense at the same time. However, if we choose to embrace the paradox of beautiful intensity 2019 will bring, I believe “His Kingdom come” will truly awaken within the hearts of all mankind. And the sons and daughters of the Kingdom will truly rise up to become the world-changers and history-makers we destined to be.

Jesus was once asked by the Jewish religious leaders, “When will God’s kingdom realm come?”  Jesus responded, “God’s kingdom realm does not come simply by obeying principles or by waiting for signs. The kingdom is not discovered in one place or another, for God’s kingdom realm is already expanding within some of you (Luke 17:20-21 TPT).

Jesus is looking for those who are willing to commit to the process of Heaven invading Earth–those who are willing to carry the Kingdom of God within…

What God has begun, this process of training up of those who are willing to embrace the beauty of intensity–and learn to live in the space where Heaven and Earth collide, will continue far beyond 2019. Look this year for those who are willing to say yes to this process, for they will rise up to become God’s truth carriers and hope distributers; shining their Father’s truth and hope into the darkness–

And Heaven will begin to manifest within–

This will be a turning point year–And we had better get ready if we are to going to step into the plans and purposes God has for each of us. It’s going to be a year of choosing where you stand and then staking your ground–refusing to go backwards, only forwards. Intentionality towards the heart of God will be key in our advancement and the Kingdom of God advancing upon the Earth.

It will be a year in which we will continue to toil, but we will also harvest–and we will learn to do both at the same time. Again, the beautiful intensity and paradoxical nature of the year will be evident. Watch, as the seeds of harvest are going to begin to come forth in massive acceleration, and then be planted once again. Multiplication is coming. Be encouraged, for many of you will experience the ground you have been toiling for many years, suddenly bear tremendous fruit in 2019. 

The sons and daughters of God must get ready–ready to lay our hands to the plow, ready to toil, ready to plant, and ready to harvest–ready to be multitasking harvesters in the Kingdom of God…

And ready to live, move, and abide where Heaven and Earth collide…

Get ready to embrace the beauty of intensity…

–Codye Reystead