On the brink of BREAKTHROUGH

Codye ReysteadComment


“My breath is beginning to blow fresh winds upon you. This is your time! Woven into your very DNA are the plans and purposes I spoke over you at your creation. I Am releasing My impenetrable hope to fill your lungs, for it is impenetrable hope that will activate the fruition of your destiny to come in fullness. Look again as I call up divine restitution to invade your atmosphere, and cause that which has been used to hold you back to become lost on the horizon…”

I believe there are many who have been experiencing a ‘barrage’ type of attack from the spirit of hopelessness (specifically in the last week to ten days). The spirits of hopelessness, weariness, and chaos (moving simultaneously) have attempted to keep many from their daily processes–both in the spiritual realm and the physical realm. Issue after issue, situation after situation has been coming up against the sons and daughters of God–attempting to invade our space, our place, and our journeys–even our spheres of influence have come up against the spirits of hopelessness and chaos.

Many have found their personal time to be in the cross-eyes of chaos–And many have battled increasing weariness in the last few weeks as you saw what was stabilized suddenly spring into ‘disorder’ and ‘chaos.’ Hopelessness has worked overtime to escort ‘the spirit of weary’ into personal lives–attempting to introduce chaos and disruption not only into the daily activities of God’s people, but also to the minds and spirits of the sons and daughters of God.

However, as I sat further with this revelation, I began to hear “though it may seem as if you are on the brink of breaking, you are on the brink of solid breakthrough. New ways are being made for those who make-way for the Kingdom of God…” In the Spirit I could see many sons and daughters standing on the “brink” of a cliff. In other words, they were standing on the ‘brink’–the threshold, the edge, the verge…

Many in the Kingdom are ‘on the brink’And though it may seem as if you are on the brink of breaking, you are on the brink of solid breakthrough. Hold steady and hold fast. Breakthrough is coming…new vision and new sight are coming…coming to broaden your perspective yet again, so that you can see the horizon before you and how to navigate toward it. God is releasing panoramic-vision to many so that they might receive the many holy knowings the Holy Spirit is releasing in this hour–holy knowings that will create new paths for the expansion of God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

Creating new, fresh, and creative paths for Kingdom expansion are on the increase, but these new paths must be just that–new paths. New paths must be found, formed, forged, broke open, and broken through. They have, and will continue to require, “a breaking open and a breaking through” because they will break-ground and forge new paths in the spiritual realm for the Kingdom of God to advance. These fresh new paths will claim new territory for the Kingdom of God–in every facet of culture and every spectrum of society.

So though you feel as if you stand ‘at the brink’, hold fast for you are on ‘the verge of breakthrough.’ You are chosen. You are the groundbreakers, the spearheads, visionaries, and innovators of a chosen generation. You are the history-makers and history changers–And this is your time! This is your time to hold fast to your dreams and visions, to not let go of the promises of God, and to dig in even deeper to His faithfulness as the Dream Maker and the Dream Giver…

–Codye Reystead