2019 - Learning to Embrace the Beauty of Intensity - Part 1

Codye Reystead
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I believe many of us experienced this past year to not only be a seemingly speedy adventure, but also quite intense at times. It’s been a year of learning how to do the familiar, but in an entirely new way–newness mixed with the inevitable unknown. And it has been a year of seeing things come back-around–a year of pondering past seasons while dreaming of future days.

Personally, 2018 could be summed up as a year of learning to sail with no map and blindfolded as well!–I’ve journeyed with an ever-present holy knowings. Keep going, keep going…my heart senses the winds of destiny are about to blow, yet when I look to the horizon it remains blanketed in a quiet, foggy mist. Countless days I’ve traveled like a sailor without a compass–simply willing my heart to stay tuned to quiet whispers of my Creator Captain, and my spirit sensitive to the ever increasing holy knowings stirring deep within.

Yes, 2018 has proved to be rather intense, but I have discovered God’s empowering grace to be just as intense. His grace has proved to be with me, empowering me in ways beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Grace now travels with me…and I choose to remain in His Shadow.

I believe God is in the process of teaching us how to abide and dwell in His empowering grace. 

Many of the sons and daughters of God are in the process of learning how to lean-inhow to lean-in hard and fast. Like an anchor leaning in to the seafloor to hold the ship secure in the storm, God is training us to lean our hearts into His. 

I believe in these days, many are learning the art of leaning into the heart of God, while we navigate the storms of continued circumstances and adversities. And in the midst of it all, God is lovingly teaching us how to keep our eyes fixed upon the Light of the horizon and our hearts set upon the Everlasting Son…

-Codye Reystead

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