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Image by Jason Espinoza Photography

Image by Jason Espinoza Photography

As an artist, I've had numerous people ask me about my creative process–what it looks like on a day to day basis, etc. Until now, we really haven’t had a place for readers and supporters to ask these sort of questions.

Now we do! Welcome to my newest blog, Inside The Studio!

First, this blog will provide a place for me to (personally) update 2911 The Treasury readers and supporters on any current projects going on in the studio–well before they are announced to the public!

Things in the studio are constantly shifting and changing! So the posts in this blog will be dedicated to giving our readers an inside look–both at the creative process behind any current projects and paintings, and their progress…And I might just throw a few giveaways and coupon codes in here as well! (In fact, I included a coupon below!)

Secondly, this blog will give readers, like you, a place to ask me questions! I plan on checking this blog often, so please feel free to start posting your questions–questions about my creative process, etc...

Oh yes, to post a question simply click on “Comment” (found above & in grey).

Well, it looks like we're off and running!

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Codye Reystead