Part 2 - How did I get started painting? Part 2

Codye ReysteadComment
To watch “Sword of Inspiration” please click on the image above.

To watch “Sword of Inspiration” please click on the image above.

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It felt as if a huge piece of my soul had suddenly been silenced. My heart was suffering. I was mourning the loss of something that had once brought such beauty and depth to my life. Grief and hopelessness made themselves known to me on a daily basis. Eventually, I slipped into survival mode; choosing to focus my time, thoughts, and energy on an entirely different career path. By staying busy, l believed I could keep my mind occupied–And my heart numb to the pain of the past.

Now, I understand the gift of artistry was woven deep into my soul by the Master Himself; however, I didn’t recognize this truth until I chose to walk away from it.

I just knew my heart was suffering and I had to find a way to shut the door on the pain–move on with my life. So I decided to literally move–hoping a new place would mean a fresh start. In my spare time, I began to look for another college–a college that would not only take the credits I had, but also offer some financial aid in the form of academic scholarships. Not far into my searching, one university came right to the forefront. A few family members had attended this particular college, and it was conveniently located several hundred miles away from where I currently lived. These two facts alone sparked my interest. So I decided to go for a tour…

I remember seeing the campus for the first time and admiring the architecture of the university’s original limestone buildings. Even though the buildings had been there for many years, they stood tall and inviting–restored and well tended. And for reasons I’m still unable to fully express, my heart and soul seemed to hear them calling.

Maybe this place could be a new beginning–a fresh start. Perhaps it could even supply some much needed beauty to my heart and soul.

I remember standing on campus, my heart still grieving from the past–And looking up at the beautiful buildings. Tall and inviting, the trees stood to host their Creator’s beauty all around me. The wind began to blow as an array of greenery filled my vision–And suddenly I felt a bit of life begin to seep back into my bones….

Even the gentle wind, blowing through the tree tops, seemed to whisper to my aching soul– “It’s going to be ok…let’s begin again…let’s begin again…”

By this point in my college career, only a few semesters were left before graduation. And I still hadn’t picked up a brush. Now my absence from the canvas was turning from a few months into a few years. But the Master Creator was slowly wooing my creative spirit back to life...

The desire to create again, had returned. The need to create quickened my soul, causing my hands to long for the paintbrush once again. The desire to return to the artistry was calling–calling so boldly it was becoming harder and harder to ignore. It was as if the canvas of my heart began to cry out again…

But as I began my last semesters of college, I didn’t know if I could answer the call…

Stay tuned–more to come….

-Codye Reystead